Tips to Protect Your Pet’s Heart


February is not just for Valentine’s Day, it’s American Heart Month too; a time that’s dedicated to reminding us to keep our Hearts healthy! As animal lovers, it is not just people who should be trying to live healthier lives. Our pets deserve some love, too. Dogs are equally at risk of developing heart-related illnesses and disorders. The main defense we have against these conditions is awareness.


Keep Up with Regular Veterinary Visits

Annual wellness exams are essential for keeping a healthy pup. Animals age much faster than humans do, and regular wellness visits help your veterinarian spot any potential heart trouble. If there is an issue, early detection is your best bet for a successful outcome.


Diet is the most crucial part of keeping your pet’s heart-healthy. Your pet should receive the right balance of nutrition to stay active and healthy. Obesity or a diet of too much fatty food, just like in humans, can increase the risk of heart disease for your pets. Royal Flush only recommends feeding your pup a food that is a blend of vitamins and nutrients, which is why we recommend Life’s Abundance. Read through our blog on Feeding Your Havanese Puppy to ensure your four-legged family member is getting the best nutrition!


Regular exercise can keep your pet’s cardiovascular system performing optimally. Fortunately, most pets love playtime, so it should not be too hard to get them their required need for a daily workout. Havanese have low to moderate exercise needs so a small walk or short scheduled playtime with your pup is not only good for them, it is good for you!

Dental Hygine

Improper dental care for your dog can give him more than just bad breath. Plaque or tarter built-up on his gums and teeth can enter his bloodstream and make your pet vulnerable to all sorts of terrible illnesses, including congestive heart failure. Read through our guide on Havanese Dental Care to keep your pup in optimal health!

Spot the Signs of Heart Disease to Protect Your Pet’s Heart Health

You know your pet better than anyone, and you know when something is not right with his health. If you start to see any significant changes in behavior, you might want to schedule a veterinary checkup.

Common signs of heart disease are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough after physical exertion
  • Consistent coughing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Fast weight loss
  • Fainting
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Pale gums


When it comes to promoting heart health in pets, Royal Flush Havanese is always here to help you stay informed to help you be proactive. By following these tips you can keep your and your pet’s hearts healthy for years to come and help you live a long and happy life with him.

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