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Havanese Breeders

When searching for Havanese breeders, there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure the Havanese puppy or adult you purchase is healthy and well socialized. You should also be aware that there are significant differences between breeders and brokers.


While some breeders also breed and sell other, related breeds including the Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Papillon, a significant number of breeders specialize exclusively in breeding and selling Havanese.  Unlike brokers and part-time “backyard breeders”, reputable Havanese breeders are committed to improving the breed. They typically have decades of experience, and adhere to breeding practices that will produce healthy puppies that exhibit the best possible temperament and genetics.  In general, Havanese are extremely social and adaptable, and get along well with children and other pets, provided they are properly socialized from an early age. A good Havanese breeder will provide the right age-appropriate socialization training to ensure their puppies are happy and well adjusted. A reputable Havanese breeder will happily provide the prospective buyer with health and vaccination records and microchip documentation on their puppies. Breeders are required to provide owners with a health guarantee that warrants their puppies are free of any congenital or hereditary conditions that would impair their quality of life for up to two years. At Royal Flush Havanese, we offer a 6-year health guarantee to owners who agree to adhere to our healthy nutrition regimen. Most reputable breeders will not ship their puppies to buyers because of the inherent risks. Instead, they will make it as easy as possible for you to pick up your new puppy or adult Havanese at their location. At Royal Flush Havanese, we will hand deliver your new Havanese to your home, anywhere within the continental U.S. if you are unable to come to our location. Finally, reputable Havanese breeders are concerned about the long-term health and wellbeing of their puppies. Adults at Royal Flush Havanese go through a battery of health tests including patellae, hearts, CAER (eyes) and BAER (hearing). All puppies at Royal Flush Havanese are seen by a Vet before they go home. Reputable Havanese breeders also employ an extensive screening process prior to the sale, and ongoing support to ensure that you and your new puppy are a good match. Many breeders, including Royal Flush Havanese, also offer rehoming services in case you’re unable to keep your Havanese puppy.


Brokers are basically individuals who buy Havanese puppies from various sources, including puppy mills, around the country and then re-sell them to pet stores and individual buyers. The primary concern of brokers is monetary gain, not the health and well-being of the puppies. Brokers typically provide the minimal required nutrition, medical care, and shelter, and often neglect the all-important socialization training. Consequently, Havanese puppies purchased from brokers tend to be more prone to health and behavioral problems than puppies bought from breeders. On its website, the American Kennel Club (AKC) offers this advice: “Buy your puppy from a responsible and well-respected breeder. This cannot be stressed enough. Responsible breeders are concerned with the betterment of the breed. For example, they work on breeding healthier dogs with the appropriate temperament for their breed.”


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Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews

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Business Address:95 Old Coach Rd,Charlestown,RI,02813,USA |Tel: 401-864-3371 |Email:
Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews