Amanda, General Manager:

I am the General Manager at Royal Flush Havanese. I have over 15 years of professional customer service and business management experience. I have 20 years experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes, including working in a doggy daycare/boarding/indoor dog park facility. I volunteer on and off all year long. I have built a home with habitat for humanity. I also go into low income communities every tax season to prepare their tax returns for free and educate them on finances. Growing up we always had a German Shepard for training every month of my childhood. There has always been a four-legged family member in my home. We’ve had numerous different breed dogs, to cats, and even a ferret at one time! I’ve been studying animal behavior for as long as I can remember! We currently have our own Havanese puppy at home, Cora. She is the love of our lives! I love my career choice and especially my job at Royal Flush Havanese. Every day, I get to wake up and be a part of something completely amazing. These puppies, your new puppy included, has been born in my hand. Imagine, the trust our moms have in me, to allow me to sit with them during whelping and hold their babies at birth!  Every day is so fulfilling, whether I am grooming, training, taking photos or just sitting and snuggling our pups! My favorite part of working here, is watching the babies grow from birth. Their development is absolutely amazing. They get big and learn so quickly. Finding their forever home is also a favorite of mine. Matching our clients with the perfect puppies is always fun but watching them meet for the first time, is an experience like none other! My greatest day working with Royal Flush was being able to go to the Make A Wish Castle to meet 11 year old twins, Daniel and Elizabeth. There wish was for a havanese puppy and we were so blessed to be able to provide them with an amazing little pup!


Donna, Supervisor & Canine Caretaker:

I have been an animal person my whole life. My current pack includes Cheese Poof my 16 year old chinchilla, Floyd my 9 year old bearded dragon, Tweet my 5 month old Green Cheek Conure, and the love of my life, Angus my 2 year old Bull Terrior. He is truly my pride and joy. My first real job as a teenager was at a boarding kennel. I went on to work at a grooming salon and then another kennel. At 19, I started working for a cleaning company. After 5 years of cleaning houses I decided it was time for me to find a new job in the field I am most passionate about, animals. I found Royal Flush Havanese and I’ve never been happier to get up every day and go to work. My favorite part about my job is getting to bring precious new life into the world, hand raise them, watch them grow, and see them each go to their perfect forever homes.


Bonnie, Canine Caretaker:

 Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved animals. I have always had a desire to help others (animals & people!). My first job working with animals, as a teenager, was at the animal rescue league of southern RI. I have also worked as a certified nursing assistant and an activities assistant at both home care and in a facility. My family and I currently have 2 free roaming rabbits and a cockatiel. At one point we had 3 cats, 1 dog, 6 fish and a rabbit. Although all the jobs I have held were rewarding, I have never felt so happy or felt more complete in the work I do at Royal Flush Havanese. I love coming to work every day to see our dogs grow. I can finally say I have my dream job! My love for our parents and puppies go past just “work”. Every day I feel amazed and excited to come to work. On any given day we could be grooming, cleaning, training, playing or helping a mom in labor. I love doing it all. I love watching all the pups grow from birth until they go home. I love watching their personalities develop. The most rewarding part of my job is watching our pups and adults go to their forever homes. We often get asked” doesn’t it make you sad to say goodbye”. We love being able to watch our dogs interact with their new people and to know they are going to amazing families!




Candice, Supervisor & Canine Caretaker:

Growing up on Long Island, with a *Texan-Mom*, I was the type of girl that had four brothers, 4 boys for neighborhood friends and all pushing a wagon full of homeless frogs, butterflies, broken birds. We doctored them with ice Popsicle sticks and cotton balls. Animals have had a place in my soul my entire life. I have experienced a lifetime of different animal exposure. I have owed 27 specie of animals from dogs, sugar gliders, parrots, lizards, salt water fish, turtles, etc. I was once a flight attendant for southwest airlines, a public servant for the city of Paris, TX, a service manager for Texas roadhouse and worked in the HR department at Neville Appartus and Fleet. My most rewarding job I have ever held was as a caretaker to my mother in law with Alzheimer disease. The experience with her led me to the havanese breed. Their personalities are so compatible for her tragic diagnosis. When she was going through her final stages, I realized a dog would be a great emotional companion. What I didn’t realize was that the Havanese is the breed OF CHOICE! After loosing her, I bought my second havanese, move to Florida and found my DREAM job! I was and am absolutely thrilled, when I was hire to join this amazing team of care givers at Royal Flush Havanese. This is what I have always wanted to do, to take care of the most playful, loyal and silky puppies on the planet! My job is to make sure they get the finest care, in a warm, clean and structured atmosphere. Everything I do for our “Havi Family” leaves a positive fingerprint on the pups. There is tremendous satisfaction that comes when we send the pups off to their new lives, with their new wonderful families. The payoff is having an impact on helping the sweetest, most compassionate puppies integrate into their new environments. It just makes you smile and encourages you to get the pups ready. My motto is : “If you do it right, what you will get in return, is a sense of pride and pure, unconditional love, that cannot be compared.”


Charlotte, Canine Caretaker:

Working at Royal Flush has truly been such a rewarding and wonderful experience. I have loved animals since I was a small child and have always wanted to work with them. Growing up, I would always wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch dog shows. I am currently on the pre-veterinary track at Florida Gulf Coast University. This job has provided me with rewarding experience I can use throughout my career and my life. Personally, I have a Pomeranian, a cat and also 2 prairie dogs at home. However, the people (and canines) at Royal Flush havanese have become like an extended family. My favorite part of this job is seeing the new puppy parents faces light up as they see and hold their new puppy for the first time, and knowing that the puppy will now have a wonderful life with their new family.


Eleni, Canine Caretaker:

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. Growing up I had my first two dogs, Sunshine and Sonic, two tiny terrier mixes who will always have my heart. Recently I’ve added Guinness, a chocolate lab, and Sushi, a Robo Dwarf hamster, to my family and I love them too! As I grew up in Peru I’d try and feed and pet every homeless dog I saw. Eventually I got a job at a doggy day care and got to spend my whole day doing what I loved, taking care of dogs. I’ve been flying out to Peru for three summers in a row now and working there taking care of all different breeds of dogs. When I had the opportunity to work for Royal Flush Havanese  presented to me I was absolutely ecstatic. I now wake up every morning excited to greet each and every puppy and dog by their name when I walk into work. It truly has been such a great time being able to make sure these babies have the best life possible!


Bryna, Canine Caretaker:

I have had and love animals all my life. As a child i have had a small farm of dogs, cats, goats, chickens and horses. I have rode and have shown my  horses in horse shows and even won quite a few ribbons and trophys. Today i have 3 dogs, Misty a lab mix, Harley a Pomeranian and Riley a Yorkie. and my 2 cats Tiger and Precious. I worked at a pet hotel before coming here to work at Royal Flush Havanese. Here at Royal Flush, we are a loving and caring family. We shower each dog and puppy with endless amounts of love. It fills my heart with joy knowing each one of our puppies ig going to their new forever homes to be loved and cared for by their new parents as much as we do.

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