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Amanda, General Manager:


I am the General Manager at Royal Flush Havanese. I have over 15 years of professional customer service and business management experience. I have 20 years experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes, including working in a doggy daycare/boarding/indoor dog park facility. I volunteer on and off all year long. I have built a home with Habitat for Humanity. I also go into low income communities every tax season to prepare their tax returns for free and educate them on finances. Growing up we always had a German Shepard for training every month of my childhood. There has always been a four-legged family member in my home. We’ve had numerous different breed dogs, to cats, and even a ferret at one time! I’ve been studying animal behavior for as long as I can remember! We currently have our own Havanese puppy at home, Cora. She is the love of our lives! I love my career choice and especially my job at Royal Flush Havanese. Every day, I get to wake up and be a part of something completely amazing. These puppies, your new puppy included, has been born in my hand. Imagine the trust our moms have in me to allow me to sit with them during whelping and hold their babies at birth!  Every day is so fulfilling, whether I am grooming, training, taking photos or just sitting and snuggling our pups! My favorite part of working here, is watching the babies grow from birth. Their development is absolutely amazing. They get big and learn so quickly. Finding their forever home is also a favorite of mine. Matching our clients with the perfect puppies is always fun but watching them meet for the first time, is an experience like none other! My greatest day working with Royal Flush was being able to go to the Make A Wish Castle to meet 11 year old twins, Daniel and Elizabeth. There wish was for a Havanese puppy and we were so blessed to be able to provide them with an amazing little pup!


Shantelle, Assistant Manager:

As a lifelong animal lover, working at Royal Flush has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. I look forward to coming in to work and spending time with our amazing dogs and a dedicated team of caretakers. Every day at work is a great day when puppy kisses are involved! Watching the puppies grow and develop from birth is so incredible and knowing that I was a part of it all is such a fulfilling feeling. I love helping our new customers find the perfect pup for their family as well as helping them through the training process and answering any questions they might come up with as time goes on. One of my favorite things is receiving updates and pictures of how amazing their new family member is doing and how much they love them! My family has always had dogs while I was growing up and I have a dog of my own now, and the knowledge I’ve gained from my time here will stay with me forever. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing job and am proud to be a part of the Royal Flush team!


Alison, Canine Caretaker:

When I was a little girl I grew up on a farm. I loved to help my Papa take car of his cows. I never thought that I would end up taking car of dogs and puppies, until I was given a great opportunity! I love working here at Royal Flush Havanese! It is SO great to watch the little pups grow up and develop their own personalities!

Erin, Canine Caretaker:

I have always had a passion for animals. Growing up around dogs gave me the dream to always be able to work around them when I got older…my dream literally came true! Royal Flush has been the greatest opportunity, and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had in my life.  Being able to have bonds with our moms and dads makes watching the puppies be born, grow, then to walking and coming into their own  personalities is priceless!

Savana, Canine Caretaker:

I have a huge passion for animals. Ever since I was little I have been rehabilitating animals. I entered the veterinary field and just finished my first year of school! I am now a certified veterinary assistant. Royal Flush is a great place to start out my career. Watching the puppies grow is my favorite part of the job and it is so rewarding getting to love on the puppies all day long.

Andrew, Canine Caretaker:

I grew up studying wildlife as a young kid, hugely inspired by Steve Irwin, I would constantly ask my grandma for books on animals so I could learn everything about them, including our domesticated animals. I have helped rehabilitate wildlife as I grew older, and love going out on my weekends with my camera to capture photos of them here in Florida. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than to come into work at Royal Flush and see my dog family!! To be apart of helping families adopt their beloved four-legged best friends, is beautiful. These dogs are my home away from home. It’s a dream come true to work here.

Jennifer, Canine Caretaker:

I am a current veterinary assistant student at Southern Technical College. I am an avid animal lover I have two dogs of my own at home. My passion is caring for animals. My family has always had animals in the house. I love coming to work and being greeted by all the dogs and puppies. The best part of my workday is getting those puppy kisses! Taking care of all the pups and watching them grow and go to their forever homes is so rewarding!


Business Address:95 Old Coach Rd,Charlestown,RI,02813,USA |Tel: 401-864-3371 |Email:

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Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews

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Business Address:95 Old Coach Rd,Charlestown,RI,02813,USA |Tel: 401-864-3371 |Email:
Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews