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Pet Choking Hazard Awareness

Did you know that every year over 200,000 cats and dogs are involved in a choking emergency? Join Royal Flush Havanese in raising awareness about the dangers of dog choking incidents, how to avoid them, and learn essential first aid tips to keep your beloved pet safe.

Understanding Dog Choking Hazards

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, often exploring the world with their mouths. This behavior can lead to choking hazards that many pet owners may not be aware of. Common choking hazards include small toys, cooked bones, rawhide, and household items like rubber bands and coins.

Raising awareness about these dangers is crucial in preventing choking incidents. By educating pet owners about the risks and how to mitigate them, we can ensure a safer environment for our beloved companions. Always supervise your dog during playtime and be mindful of the items they have access to.

Tips to Preventing Your Dog From Choking

Appropriate Chew Toys

Choose sturdy, size-appropriate chew toys that cannot be easily broken or swallowed. Don’t buy toys  that are smaller than your pet’s windpipe or large enough to block their airway. Ensure the toy is large enough that your dog cannot fit it entirely into their mouth. The diameter of a ball should be wider than the width of your pet’s jaw. Avoid toys with small parts that can break off and be swallowed. Always supervise playtime, especially with new toys, to ensure your dog’s safety. Regularly inspect toys for wear and tear and throw away any that are damaged. By selecting the right size and maintaining the condition of your dog’s toys, you can help keep your furry friend safe and happy!

Appropriate Treats

When selecting treats for your dog, choose treats that are the appropriate size for your dog’s breed and chewing habits—small enough to chew comfortably but large enough to prevent swallowing whole. You know your dog best, if your dog swallows things whole, keep that in mind! Opt for high-quality, digestible options specifically designed for dogs. Always supervise your dog when giving treats, and regularly check for any signs of wear to dried meat chews that might pose a risk. By carefully choosing and monitoring treats and chews, you can ensure your dog’s snacking is both enjoyable and safe!

Environmental Hazards

Keep small household items out of reach to ensure your home is free of potential choking hazards. Secure trash bins to prevent your dog from accessing potentially harmful items. Keep cat toys, baby toys, and other small objects like loose string, rubber bands, and coins out of reach. Regularly inspect your home for stray items that could pose a choking risk. By maintaining a clean and organized environment, you can significantly reduce the risk of your dog encountering dangerous objects, ensuring they stay safe and healthy!

Visual Guide to Dog Choking Hazards

Safe and Unsafe Chews for Dogs

Avoid rawhide at all costs! Not only does rawhide contain bleach, dyes, and many other harsh chemicals but it also poses a huge choking hazard and intestinal blockage risk!

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Cooked bones of any size are a huge no-no! Cooked bones can splinter, get lodged in your dogs esophagus, and even pierce through your dogs intestines!

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Emergency Dog Choking First Aid

Knowing how to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a dog choking can save your pet’s life. Follow these steps to provide immediate assistance.


Assess the Situation

Remain calm! Check if your dog is truly choking. Look for signs such as pawing at the mouth, gagging, or difficulty breathing.


Check the Mouth

Open your dog’s mouth and look for any visible obstructions. If you see something, carefully remove it with your fingers or a pair of tongs.


Doggy Heimlich

If your dog is conscious, you do not see anything in their mouth, but appears to be unable to breath, swift action must be taken to save their life! View the diagram below to learn the Doggy Heimlich Maneuver!

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Join Royal Flush Havanese in Preventing Dog Choking Hazards

Help us spread the word about the dangers of dog choking and how to prevent it. Share our blog with your friends and family to raise awareness and ensure the safety of our furry companions!

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