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When planning to bring your Havanese puppy home there are so many concerns and questions. Finding the perfect vet, the best way to train, and properly socializing. One of the biggest concerns is with so many new “fad” diets and dog food these day, what you should be feeding your pup to optimize his health! We understand this time can be very stressful as you choose what decisions to make for your Royal Flush Havanese. Below are some helpful tips to guide you through choosing the right food when feeding your puppy!


Royal Flush Havanese puppies grow at a rapid rate their first year. They are building bone, muscle and developing organs. Puppies will grow the fastest in the first five months of their life so it is important to feed the best food to optimize their health during this time! All dogs, like people, do best with a BALANCED DIET of protein, carbs and fat.

  • Extra nutrients when feeding your puppy are essential to fueling his growth!
  • Puppies should be eating food that is suited/specifically formulated for growth.
  • Their food should have higher quality ingredients, with specialized diet formula meet the nutritional needs for normal development.
  • Your Royal Flush Havanese needs to take in a lot of calories in the first year of their life to help with their rapid growth.

Commercial Bought vs. Premium Dog Food (LIFE’S ABUNDANCE)

Feeding your puppy a premium food has a higher nutritional density, so you can feed him less to achieve the same results. Here at Royal Flush Havanese we continue to do endless amounts of research on what is best for you and your pup! You wouldn’t put recalled food and toxins into your system and we urge you not to do it to your four-legged baby!

Commercial Bought Puppy Food

It is very convenient to just head to the local pet store/grocery store and pick up the food your feeding your baby but is this the healthiest option for your growing puppy.

  • Shelf Life – Commercial bought brands will sit on shelves for months before actually being purchased and fed to your Royal Flush Havanese puppy
  • Recalls – There have been several recalls of Commercial brand dog food brand recalls over the years and you can expect many more in there years to come. Why feed your puppy a food that has continuously proven to not follow the rules and add toxins into other dogs systems.
  • Ingredients – Over the last few years it has come to the public’s attention that Commercial brand dog food has not actually used the ingredients stated on their packaging. What exactly are they putting into your dog’s systems?
  • Health Concerns – Many of the Commercial brand dog food has been linked to liver disease, stomach bleeding and other severe issues in dogs across the country.
  • FDA/Veterinary Recalls for commercial dog food are constant. Is your food on the list?

Premium Dog Food

Royal Flush Havanese ONLY recommends Life’s Abundance Dog Food. We truly believe it is far superior to any other dog food! We recommend it so strongly, if you continue feeding your puppy Life’s Abundance, we extend your health guarantee by four additional years!

  • Shelf Life – Life’s Abundance is always fresh and shipped directly to your door
  • Recalls – Life’s Abundance has NEVER had a recall
  • Ingredients – Life’s Abundance produces a proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals that is the best nutrition for your Royal Flush Havanese’s optimal health!
  • Health Concerns – There are no health concerns with Life’s Abundance as they have high-quality, multi-source proteins for growing muscles and healthy development when feeding your puppy.


There are many new fad diets that are not necessarily the best choice when feeding your puppy. Two of the most popular ones are Grain Free & Gluten Free. Many puppy parents are choosing to mimic their diets when choosing their pets food. Is the really the best option for your growing puppy?

Grain Free Diet

Grain free diets for pups are diets that do not contain grain. Believe it or not, the majority of dogs DO NOT require a grain free diet.

  • It is not true that grains are and unnatural source on nutrition. All dogs actually have several genes that have evolved over the years to help them easily digest carbohydrates, including grains.
  • It is mistaken that many people believe that their puppies are allergic to grains!
  • Corn is actually one of the least likely sources of food allergy in your puppy
  • Beef and Dairy are the most frequent causes of food allergies when feeding your puppy.

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten is the protein that is found in specific types of grain like wheat, barley and rye. The majority of dogs DO NOT require a gluten free diet.

  • Most people have celiac disease causing them to need a gluten free diet. This disease is extremely uncommon in all dogs.
  • Some proteins are needed to help with the excessive growth in your puppies’ first year of life!

Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food is not the best option for your growing puppy! Billions of dollars are spent every year researching the best ingredients to balance out the nutrients your Royal Flush Havanese needs to grow. Unless the nutrients are strictly adhered to, serious damage can be caused to a dog’s internal organs, temperament and physical growth.

  • The digestive system of dogs do not adjust well with a sudden switch from kibble to people food.
  • Even diets you prepare with wholesome, fresh ingredients will still be low on the different vitamins and minerals your puppy needs to grow.
  • There are many foods out there we enjoy that can be poisonous for dogs!

Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we do endless amounts of research on not only what’s best for your puppy but what’s best for you! We are ALWAYS here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your Havanese puppy diet! Be sure to check out our Havanese Reviews to hear from parents who have already taken their Royal Flush Havanese puppy home! If you’re in need of your puppy fix, check out this Video!


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Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews