Pet Poison Prevention

March is pet poison awareness month! What exactly is the purpose of this? This week is to highlight awareness and prevention of poising to our four-legged family members! We’d like to use this time to remind our extended RFH family about your pups, potential dangers our dogs can encounter and what to do if any unfortunate scenarios occur!

Everyday items in our house can have deadly effects on any animal! Our tail wagging babies are naturally curious! This is why it’s so important to train and puppy proof to keep every day household items away from wandering paws and noses!


  1. Many foods are poisonous and need to be kept away!
    1. Click HERE for a detailed list.
  2. Keep garbage cans covered and away from those sensitive sniffers!



  1. All medication prescribed and OTC should be safely stored!
  2. Tuck away all cleaning product
  3. Close toilet lids!


Living Room:

  1. Our family sitting areas are just full of toxins that need to be monitored.
  2. Click HERE for a list of toxic and non-toxic plants.
  3. Keep an eye on fragrance products, batteries and bags/purses that can contain poisonous products.



  1. Car products like cleaners and fluids need to be properly stored away.
  2. Antifreeze products have a sweet taste that attract our pups are extremely toxic.
  3. All garage items should be immediately cleaned up if spilled and stored high up.


Outdoor Areas:

  1. Keep fertilizer sealed and out of reach.
  2. Be mindful that poisons, insecticides, and herbicides are extremely toxic!


There are several other additional hazards at home, not just toxins, that can cause a danger to our pups!

Electrical Cords:

  1. Puppies LOVED to chew!
  2. Electrical cords are the most common type of electrical injury and choking for our pups.
    1. Make sure cords are out of reach and follow our Teething Blog for tips on preventing unnecessary chewing on household things.

Open Heat Sources:

  1. Open fires, and grills (propane, electric and charcoal) are hot and pose a burning threat to your pups.
    1. Keep them away!

Windows, Balconies, and Stairs:

  1. These are the most dangerous places for dogs!
  2. When pups are running around you increase the risk of them falling and getting seriously injured.


  1. Gaps in between furniture can be dangerous as pups like to wedge themselves in small places and easily get stuck.
  2. Reclining furniture poses the same risk!
    1. A pup will like underneath and could be seriously injured if you are not aware and close them in!

Small Dropped Items:

  1. Things like loose coins, hair ties and socks can easily be ingested by your pup.
    1. These items can cause choking and get stuck in their digestive track and cause blocking, punctures and even mineral compound toxins that can be fatal.


Although dogs should always be monitored, sometimes things happen! You should be aware of the signs and what to do if you suspect your pup has ingested or digested some toxins and been poisoned:

Common Signs of Poisoning in Dogs:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Decreased appetite
  3. Diarrhea/bloody stool of unusual material in the feces (such as green or corn-like substances).
  4. Changes in behavior (lethargy or hyperactivity)
  5. Excessive drooling
  6. Loss of coordination
  7. Inflammation and swelling

If you suspect your pup has been poisoned, call the 24/7 helpline for Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-426-4435.

Be prepared to rush your pet to the veterinarian or to the closest animal hospital for immediate veterinary care.


Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we are ALWAYS here to help you! Protect your puppy by removing the pet safety hazards in your home and watching out for potential everyday items in your home that can be toxic to your sweet, little pups. For additional details on outdoor toxins read through our blog on Keeping Dogs Safe During Spring & Summer.

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