Halloween tips for your Havanese!

Royal Flush Havanese knows Halloween is such an exciting time with families and children getting all dressed up to enjoy the Holiday! Why wouldn’t you want to bring your four-legged family member with you? Here are some tips to have a totally PAWSOME Halloween Evening!

Is your puppy ready to go trick or treating?

Consider how your Dog is in a crowd of people. For more information on your body language cues & stress signals, read our article Decoding Canine Body Language.

Is your puppy calm, confident and friendly?

  • Will he be afraid surrounded by kids in costumes possibly overloaded on sugar?
  • Is he comfortable walking around in the dark?
  • Are you able to tell when your dog is stressed?
  • If Halloween is too much for your pup, are you able to bring him home immediately?

Safety Prep tips

  • You will want to be 100% prepared for Halloween with your canine family member. By ensuring your pup’s comfort, you will guarantee an amazing trick or treating experience!
  • Before Halloween night, take your pup out for several evening walks to ensure he is comfortable in the dark.
  • Pay attention to your dog and surroundings on Halloween night. Stay out of the crowds to keep your pup from feeling like he is trapped.
  • If you are staying home, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE “wait” in front of the door to ensure he is not running up to or jumping out on the Trick or Treaters.
  • Be sure that your pup is wearing his collar and that he is microchipped! In case he gets lost you will want to be sure he is able to be identified and brought home.

What to bring

  • Water
    • If walking around the whole night, he will get thirsty. Remember to keep him hydrated!
  • Snacks
    • If your pup is treat-trained, snacks are a great way to ensure he doesn’t get into mischief!
    • We recommend Tasty Rewards Training Treats. You can buy them HERE!

DO NOT FEED YOUR PUPPY CANDY! Dogs cannot have chocolate or sugar!

  • Toys
    • This can help if you have a rather active pup. Keep him distracted as everyone knocks on doors.
    • Remember not everyone is a “puppy person” so your pal may not be appreciated walking up to their doorstep!
  • Reflective tags/Flashlight
    • Put these reflective tags on his harness, collar or costume to ensure he is seen.
    • Flashlights will help you see your way, but also give you a heads up if another dog or group of rowdy kids are headed straight for you!

Have an Escape Plan

  • Pups have a very short attention span. You may be able to go to every house in the neighborhood but once your pup is tired he will be ready to go home.
  • Have a plan if your pup may need to stop and set a checkpoint in case he needs to go home.

Clean up

  • No one wants to step in puppy poop!
  • Be sure to bring poop bags to clean up after your four-legged kid!

Choosing the perfect costume for your pup

  • Ensure the fit is not too tight nor too big.
    • Costumes that are too tight are uncomfortable and can cut off circulation!
    • Costumes that are too big will have your pup tripping over his/her feet.
  • Choosing a light-colored costume is suggested.
    • Pick a contrasting color to your dog’s fur/hair. This will help other trick or treaters identify your pet.

Walking with your puppy

  • Keep your dog leashed.
    • This will help you control your pup and keep him safe.
    • This will ensure he does not get scared and run off.

Don’ts of Halloween

  • Keep Halloween Plants Away!
  • Pumpkins & Corn Stalks that have been sitting outside for weeks will make your dog sick!
  • Tummy aches & mushy poop happen whenever your pup eats something he is not supposed to!
  • Old pumpkins and stalks produce mold mycotoxins that can cause neurologic problems in dogs.
  • If your pup is nervous do not bring him trick or treating.
  • Keep him in another room away from trick or treaters so he does not get stressed out.

NO Glow Sticks!

  • Glow sticks may come in handy keeping the kids safe when walking but they are terrible for your pets!
  • They are non-toxic but the taste alone will make them vomit and agitated!

Trick, but NO TREAT!

  • Never allow your dog to consume any Halloween treats!
  • All forms of chocolate are dangerous, and even lethal for dogs.
  • Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in most candy, can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar making your pup very sick.
  • While walking the streets, always look ahead and ensure there hasn’t been any candy dropped in your path that your dog might eat.

Do NOT leave your pets out in the yard

  • Indoors is the best place for your dog to be if he is not Trick or Treating!
  • In the dark yard alone with all the Holiday commotion he will be afraid and could try to escape.
  • He could be stolen by terrible prankers.
    • These people are known to tease, injure, and steal pets on Halloween night! 

To read more about the safety of your pups food, read our articles about Tainted Dog Treats and People Food You Should Avoid.  We also have a great recipe you can use for Halloween treats here.

Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we are ALWAYS here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are wondering about more helpful tips on your dog’s trick or treating experience!! Be sure to check out our Havanese Reviews to hear from parents who have already taken their Royal Flush Havanese puppy home!

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