The summer months bring about lots of outdoor activities, especially cookouts with tons of food to feed family and friends.  But what about your Havanese  – can they enjoy the same foods as humans?

As a rule, it is not recommended that you give your Havanese puppy “people” food or homemade dog food, as their digestive systems are not well suited for the same types of foods that we eat.  Also, while “people” food can be rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for humans, they do not have the same type or amount of these nutrients for growing Havanese puppies or adults.  There are plenty of great store-bought, specialized dog, and puppy foods to feed your dog that we strongly recommend adding to their diet; check out our site for all brand recommendations to ensure that your furry friend is eating well and safely!

As your Havanese puppy grows older, and you do decide to let them try “people” food, it’s very important to know which ones are safe and unsafe.  Remember, many foods that you may enjoy are dangerous and even lethal to dogs, even in the smallest doses!  Here are some of the most common “people” foods that are harmful to dogs and puppies:

Fruits and Veggies: Grapes and raisins are incredibly dangerous for dogs, as they can cause severe liver and kidney, or renal, failure.  Likewise, avocados and pomegranates also contain dangerous toxins that can make your Havanese sick.  Cherries in large quantities may lead Havanese to have intestinal issues, and always stay away from smaller fruits and veggies that can cause blockages, such as corn kernels.  And, always make sure to keep seeds and pits from fruits such as apples, plums, and peaches away from your Havanese – they can release chemicals such as cyanide into your pup’s body!

Meats and Protein: Typically, many types of meat such as chicken are safe to add to your Havanese’s diet, but you should never give them inedible parts of the meat including fat and other trimmings.  Fatty foods, in general, can cause vomiting, indigestion, and diarrhea, and meat trimmings, in particular, can lead to unnecessary trips to the ER.  Additionally, most nuts can be very harmful, particularly walnuts, almonds, hickory nuts, pistachios, and especially macadamia nuts (which can cause both physical and neurological damage).

Dairy: While it may be enticing to let your Havanese try some ice cream this summer, they should, in general, avoid most dairy products, since they may have a lactose intolerance.  Plus, ice cream has a high amount of sugar, which should be avoided in your Havanese’s diet.

Sweets and Treats: It’s important to know that all Havanese pups should never be given any candy or gum since they have high amounts of sugar and can cause intestinal blockages.  Chocolate should never be given to any dog, under any circumstances, even in small doses!  Even though it might be a delicious treat for humans, chocolate has high levels of particular chemicals that are lethal for dogs.  Also, Havanese cannot be given coffee or tea, due to their high amounts of caffeine, and any type of alcoholic beverages, especially those that are made with hops or have a lot of carbonation.  By the same token, soda should never be fed to dogs – this can cause gastrointestinal problems instantly!

Other Common Items: It should also be known that your Havanese puppy cannot have certain herbs and spices, including garlic and onions (and related foods, like leeks and chives); raw yeast dough, baking powder, and baking soda; seeds, stems, and peels of fruits and veggies; moldy or rotten food; and human medicine, including vitamin supplements.  Excess salt can also be harmful, as well as other spices including mustard seed and nutmeg.

As long as you follow these rules and monitor your Havanese’s diet regularly, your pup will live a happy and long life!

Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we do endless amounts of research on not only what’s best for your puppy but what’s best for you! We are ALWAYS here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your Havanese puppy diet!

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