The Hidden Gem – Bringing home an older puppy!

Hello Friends!

Have you been thinking about adding a new fur-baby to the family? The spotlight often shines on the tiny, adorable, itty-bitty babies. Yet, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.. the older puppy! The thought of bringing home an 8 week old pup does pull at the heartstrings but the benefits of welcoming home an older puppy are equally compelling and just as rewarding! Let’s go over the often-overlooked joys and advantages of adopting an older puppy and shed some light on why this choice can be a truly delightful experience for both pup and owner alike. From their developed personalities to the immediate companionship they offer, prepare to be charmed by the many reasons why bringing home an older puppy is a decision worth celebrating!


  1. Predictable Personality: With an older puppy, you have a better idea of their personality traits. Their temperament, energy level, and behavior patterns are more developed, allowing you to choose a puppy whose characteristics match your lifestyle and preferences. This reduces the uncertainty associated with adopting a very young puppy, whose personality may still be developing.
  2. Training Advantage: Older puppies have a longer attention span and come with some level of basic manners, training, and socialization. They are already accustomed to concepts like paper training and basic commands, which can make the transition into your home smoother and less challenging compared to starting from scratch with a younger puppy.
  3. Less Intensive Care: Very young puppies require constant attention and care, including frequent feedings, monitoring for health issues, and intense supervision. Older puppies have passed the most vulnerable stages of puppyhood and require less intensive care, allowing you more flexibility in your schedule and fewer disruptions to your daily routine.
  4. Teething and Chewing Stage: One of the most challenging aspects of raising a young puppy is dealing with their teething and chewing phase. By adopting an older puppy, you may have already bypassed this stage or be closer to the end of it, sparing your belongings from potential damage and reducing the frustration often caused by this behavior.
  5. Health Considerations: While all puppies require veterinary care, older puppies have already received most, if not ALL of their initail puppy booster shots and Rabies vaccine! Saving you some time and money at the vets!
  6. Adoption Opportunity: Older puppies are often overlooked in favor of younger ones, leaving many deserving older puppies waiting for loving homes. By choosing to bring home an older puppy, you’re providing a chance for a slightly older pup to find a forever family!
  7. Bonding Potential: Contrary to the belief that bonding with a puppy is easier when they’re very young, older puppies are just as capable of forming strong bonds with their new owners. In fact, many older puppies that stay with us longer than usual are craving that one-on-one dog-human relationship, making them even more appreciative of the love and attention you provide.
  8. Immediate Companionship: While the early stages of puppyhood are undeniably adorable, they can also be exhausting and demanding. By opting for an older puppy, you skip the sleepless nights, constant supervision, and round-the-clock care associated with very young puppies, allowing you to enjoy the companionship of a puppy without some of the initial challenges.

The allure of bringing home a young puppy may be enticing but the rewards of adopting an older puppy are undeniable. From their established personalities to their readiness for companionship, older puppies offer a seamless transition into your home and hearts. By choosing to welcome an older puppy into your life, you not only gain a loyal companion but also provide a loving home to a deserving dog in need. So, whether you’re seeking a four-legged friend with a bit more maturity or simply looking to skip the challenges of puppyhood, consider the often overlooked option of adopting an older puppy, a hidden gem!

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