Taking home a brand new puppy can be a fun and exciting experience, but are you fully prepared for the big day? Pet ownership is a full-time responsibility and your new puppy will require some essential items in order to live a happy, healthy life. Here at Royal Flush Havanese, we are always available for advice on how to ensure that you are prepared to take home and take care of your new little friend, and provide our families with vitamin supplements, puppy food, and much more in order to make the process a bit easier. However, all new owners should be prepared for their new puppy, and purchase a number of supplies in advance to take proper care of their pets.

We’ve developed a check-list that will help you through the process of taking home your pup and caring for them down the line – keep this handy to make sure that you are completely ready!

General Care:  

  • Two (2) leashes, one that measures 4’ and one that measures 8-10’
  • One (1) crate (style is up to you!) – make sure to use blankets, towels, or boxes to block off the back of the crate, so they don’t make an apartment out of this space!
  • Dog beds (as many as you would like, to be placed in various rooms around the house)
  • Rope toys, hard rubber toys, and/or stuffed toys – once they start to come apart, even a little bit, remember the saying: either sew it, or throw it!


  • Two (2) bowls, one for water and one for food – we do not recommend plastic, as this will turn your puppy’s nose a different color!
  • Puppy food and/or breed specific dog food – we strongly recommend Life’s Abundance, as this is the best source of nutrition for optimal health
  • Vitamins and supplements – we strongly recommend NuVet supplements, since they will boost your dog’s immune systems and keep them as healthy as possible
  • Treats, such as Life’s Abundance all natural Tasty Rewards treats, Buffalo Bully Sticks, Porky Pups, and Antioxidant Health Bars – we do not recommend giving your dog store-bought treats because they are not healthy for them


  • Comb, pin brush, or slicker brush
  • Optional: nail trimmers (if you do go this route, be sure to pick up Kwik-Stop styptic powder to prevent bleeding and irritation)
  • Dog shampoo – do not use human shampoo for dogs!  Only use shampoo specifically made for dogs; we recommend shampoos made by NuVet labs.

Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we do endless amounts of research on not only what’s best for your puppy but what’s best for you! We are ALWAYS here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your Havanese puppy’s health!

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