Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Treats for Your Pups!

The holidays are such a great time for eating, drinking and being merry with your family, friends, and four-legged loved ones! While this season is a good time to spoil everyone with good cheer, not knowing what is good for your pup could backfire! There are numerous foods and holiday decorations that could be harmful to our companion, even just crumbs on the floor that your pups could gobble up could be life-threatening! Royal Flush Havanese is here to help you navigate what is best and what may not be best for our puppies this holiday season!

Holiday Food Don’ts:

  • Meat fat, Bones, Skin
    • Turkey or Ham meat and fat sure does taste and smell delicious! However, they will wreak havoc on your pup’s GI system.
    • Meat with bones, excess fat, skin of juices with put your pup at risk for gastrointestinal blockages and complex diseases like pancreatitis.
  • Casseroles & Side Dishes
    • Holiday side dishes such as green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes or stuffing are filled with heavy creams, butter, oils, salt, garlic, onion, etc. Several of these are not tolerated well by dogs or are even toxic.
  • Holiday Breads
    • Fruitcake is stated to be a bread, but we all know it’s more of a dessert. It is loaded with raisins, which are deadly to dogs. Even just a few raisins can lead to fatal kidney failure in our pups.
  • Desserts
    • We all love desserts, especially pie & candy, during the holidays! These rich and sweet treats can be very dangerous for our pups. While not all desserts are toxic, like chocolate, many are made with xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which can be deadly in small quantities.

Holiday Food Do’s:

  • Green Beans
    • Green beans are a healthy option for your pups if they are plain! Make sure to leave out the added ingredients like butter or spices and it’s a great little surprise for your pup’s holiday dinner!
  • Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Puree is a great little desert for your four-legged baby! Not only is it a fun treat but it helps with digestive health and is great for a dog’s skin and coat. Just be sure to get the pure pumpkin and not the pre-spiced pie mix!
  • Sweet Potatoes
    • Another great option is sweet potatoes if they are plain! Sweet potatoes contain vitamin B, vitamin c and are great to add additional fiber to your pup’s diet!

With the festive time of year upon us Royal Flush Havanese is here to help! This year we want to ensure that we all have a safe, happy, healthy holiday that we as humans not only enjoy, but that our four-legged family members do as well!

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