Dogs Make Us More Intelligent!

Most people love ALL pets, but especially puppies! Whether it’s their cute paws, sweet snuggles, or happy tail wags, there’s no doubt that pets bring joy into our lives. If you don’t already have a million reasons to love your four-legged best friend, here’s one more. Research shows that owning a pup can increase your intelligence, health, and well-being! Not only are there so many health benefits for the whole family from owning a pup, but it also dog ownership helps teach responsibility. It has been proven that children and families with pups do better in school and life because they have a higher score of Emotional Intelligence! Studies Show that families who own a pet have higher scores of self-awareness, self-regulation of emotions, motivation, empathy, and social skills!


Health Benefits to owning a dog:

  • Dogs reduce stress!
    • It’s been proven that petting any dog can lower your blood pressure. Pups can be supportive during times when you need it the most.
  • Dogs reduce doctor visits!
    • According to studies pet owners make 30 percent fewer doctor visits. Research has proven that dogs help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Dogs help with allergies!
    • Growing up in a home with a puppy makes children significantly less likely to develop allergies as adults.
  • Dogs keep you active!
    • Playing with your pup is a great way to exercise which has been proven to relieve anxiety, boredom, and depression. They act as furry therapists filling your life with love!
  • Dogs help when you’re sick!
    • Pups can smell when your “body chemistry” has changed. This helps them to know when to snuggle because you’re not feeling well!

How Dogs Help us develop our Emotional Intelligence:

  • Grows Empathy and Compassion:
    • We all are naturally empathetic, especially as children, and having a pup can nurture this. Having to care for a pup not only teaches responsibility by feeding, walking, or brushing, but it is also teaching compassion. Some studies have shown that by allowing children to care for their pets they show more empathy towards animals and people than those who do not.
  • Helps with Cognitive Development:
    • Playing with and talking to your pup helps with verbal development. Pups are some of the most patient companions for children. For a child in the developing years, having a pup be able to receive a child’s unusual baby talk or babbling can encourage continued verbal communication and allow your child to use even more language!
  • Increases Self Esteem:
    • Allowing your children to take responsibility for their pup, whether through feeding, walking, brushing etc., they will feel accomplished! This will help them become more competent and independent. Studies found that children’s self-esteem scores increased significantly over a nine-month period of keeping pets in their school classroom. It was children with originally low self-esteem scores who showed the greatest improvements.

The research is clear — the love and companionship from pets does wonders for your mental and physical health. Pet owners are often happier, have greater self-esteem, and are more physically fit. When you bring home a Royal Flush Havanese, you don’t just improve the quality of their life — they help improve the quality of your life, too.

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