Tips to Beat the Heat With Your Dog This Summer

After a long winter everyone just cannot wait for the beautiful warm weather to arrive! Just remember that with record temperatures your dog can be at great risk for heat stroke and other summer dangers. So, while you are enjoying your time at the beach, by the pool or just in the sun, below is some helpful information and tips on keeping your pup comfortable & happy too!

  • How to Tell if It’s Too Hot Outside for Your Dog
    • Check the temperature!
      • If the temp is going to be above 70 degrees, pay attention.
      • If the heat index in your area is above 100 keep your dog inside
    • With humidity levels rising, it is not only uncomfortable for you but devastating for your dog!
      • Animals pant to remove moisture from their lungs which take heat away from them. If humidity levels are high they are unable to cool down and their body temps will skyrocket and cause heat stroke.

  • Hot Ground!
    • The ground is much warmer!
    • Place your bare hand on the asphalt/concrete.
    • If you cannot keep it there longer than 10 seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog.
  • Outdoor Safety
    • If you must walk your dog/go outdoors, do so on dirt paths in shaded area.
    • Stop for frequent water breaks.
    • When you get home, clean his paws with a cool cloth.
      • They sweat through their feet, if they are too hot they will not be able to cool down.
  • How to tell if your Dog is too hot
    • Heatstroke is the number one deadly cause of dogs during the warmer months. Signs to watch for:
      • Heavy panting
      • Dry or pale gums
      • Increased Panting
      • Deep & rapid breathing
  • How to help your Dog once he is overheated
    • Move your pup immediately to a cooler area
      • Preferably indoors with an air conditioner.
      •  If not available move to a shaded area outdoors
    • Take his temperature
      • Heat exhaustion – 103-105 *COOL HIM DOWN NOW!*
      • Heat stroke – 106 + *CALL YOUR VET RIGHT AWAY!*
    • You must lower his body temperature
      • If you are near water (lake, beach, pool) let him take a dip
      • If not use wet cloths or towels to help drop his temp.
        • Place cool, wet cloths on neck, armpits and between his hind legs
        • Be sure to wipe his ears and paw pads
    • Make sure to get him to drink water!
      • Water should be fresh and cool.
      • Do not force him to drink as it will just make him sick
        • Do not give him ice cubes
        • They can cause his body temp to drop suddenly and put your pup into shock.
  • How to exercise your Dog when it’s hot
    • Water is your best friend!
      • Head to the beach/pond/lake
        • Go early in the morning or later in the evening before the sand gets to hot
      • Let him swim!
        • Get a small plastic pool
        • Play with the hose or sprinkler
    • Walk around and air-conditioned store.
    • Many stores are now dog friendly!
      • Click HERE to find out which ones!
      • The new sights and sounds will help tire your pup out mentally!
    • Other ideas:
      • Airconditioned doggy daycare (if it’s a good fit for your pup’s personality)
      • Schedule a playdate
      • Use puzzle toys to help him “earn” treats & reinforce positive behavior

Here, at Royal Flush Havanese, we are ALWAYS here to help you! Summer can be a dangerous yet wonderful time for your havanese! Remember to be safe but to also have fun!  Be sure to check out our Facebook Page to share photos of your Royal Flush Havanese enjoying his summer!


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Business Address:95 Old Coach Rd,Charlestown,RI,02813,USA |Tel: 401-864-3371 |Email:
Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews