1st Night Home With a New Puppy

Your pup is finally home, and you are now preparing for her first few nights away from all she knows! As with any new baby you may have some interrupted sleep with your puppy. If you’re patient and understanding, your puppy will learn what you expect of her when it’s time to sleep. You both should wake up rested and ready for the day after a few nights together.

Pup’s almost always do better overnight in your room at least in the beginning.


CRATE PLACEMENT (moving/not moving your crate in your room/house is a personal preference):

  • Begin with her crate elevated where she can see you the first couple of nights.
  • We recommend your end table or somewhere similar leveled to your side of the bed.
  • This will help her relax so she does not feel alone.
  • After a few days you can start slowly moving the crate away if you choose.
  • After the first 2-3 nights if you’d like you can move the crate to the end of the bed.
  • Then you can move her crate to the room door.
  • Finally, after a week or so, you can move the crate to where you intend to keep it!

TIP: Tire her out the best you can before crate time and bedtime, a sleepy puppy is the best behaved (and quietest) puppy!!


  • Put any of her food/water away 3 hours before your scheduled bedtime to make sure her bladder, etc. is empty. Otherwise, you’ll be making trips to the bathroom all night, or worse, end up with a mess in her crate!
  • Shortly before her “bedtime” (about 60 minutes prior) lots of play time with your puppy. You want her to be tired enough to sleep soundly. Never let her nap within the hour or two before you go to sleep. If you do, you’ll end up with a playful puppy just as you’re ready to climb into bed.
  • Make sure to take her outside to do her business before putting her in her crate (about 10 minutes before).  Remember to give her lots of praise to reinforce her positive behavior. If your puppy starts crying at night, you need to decide if she must go to the bathroom or if she’s looking for attention. If she’s been quiet for a few hours and suddenly starts to cry or whine, she may need to go out. Puppies have small bladders, so it is possible you may have to take her out at least once during the night.


  • If your puppy is crying and you’re sure it’s not for need of relieving herself, reach down and soothe her a little.
  • This will only reinforce the negative behavior and she’ll cry even more.
  •  If she continues to whine, a sharp toned “Enough” should settle the matter.
  • If she continues, ignore her.
  • Tough love may be difficult, but eventually your puppy will learn that crying at night gets her nowhere.
  • The more persistent you are in your approach, the quicker the situation will be resolved. If you’re stern one minute and sympathetic the next, your puppy will only be confused, and her behavior will continue.
  • In the morning, get up right away and take your puppy outside to do her business.
  • Carry her.
  • Don’t let her walk there or she may be tempted to go before she gets outside.
  • Let her empty everything out and praise her when she’s finished.


  • Each pup has their own personalities, likes/dislikes, and fears!
  • It is a little bit of work, but you must find what works best for you!
  • Some pups do better with the crate near you, some farther away.
  • Some like the crate covered, some do not.
  • You can try a slightly bigger stuffed animal in her crate so she can cuddle up like it’s a litter mate
  • Play some soft classical music!

It’s all about desensitizing and some trial and error to find the best routine for you and for her! The sleepier she is before she naps, the longer she will nap.

Be firm and consistent and she’ll stop whining when she realizes that there is no use

At Royal Flush Havanese, we are ALWAYS here to help you! To be successful in training your pup to sleep all night you must focus on teaching her to enjoy her crate during the day. Read through our Crate Training Blog for step-by-step tips on successfully teaching your puppy to enjoy her crate!

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