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puppy feeling nervous during 1st week with new ownersSo you’ve filled out the puppy application. You’ve spoken with the Royal Flush Havanese staff. You’ve chosen your puppy. Now the time has come to bring your new Havanese puppy home! This experience is such an exciting time! We understand, it can also be very nerve wracking. Below are some helpful tips to help you through your puppy’s 1st week home.

Your puppy’s 1st week home can be a stressful time for you and your pup. She’ll be in a strange environment away from her litter mates and mother for the first time. There’ll be new people and new expectations. That’s why it’s important to take some time to prepare for your puppy. You’ll need to make your house and yard are safe and set rules for yourself and your family about how to care for your pup. You’ll also need to pick up any last-minute items on your puppy supply list that we will be sending in your “go home” email. The more structured you can make this transition, the easier it will be for your puppy to adapt.

THE CAR RIDE HOME: This will be your puppy’s first trip in a car. The strange sights, sounds, and smells can be frightening. Take some time to let your new puppy get her bearings before you head for home. Many dogs that develop issues with car rides get nervous or even nauseous before you even start the vehicle. It is important that her first trip not be a bad experience.

  • Cover your lap and upholstery with a towel or blanket. Even after we’ve taken every precaution, puppies can get carsick so be prepared.
  • The safest place for your pup is in her crate in the car. This area is relaxing and the vibrations from the road may soothe her.
  • Keep the car ride quiet and relaxed. If your puppy whines or cries, DO NOT punish her OR be overly affectionate. The latter will only reinforce the negative behavior. Pet her softly and let the situation diffuse itself.
  • For longer trips, stop for bathroom breaks and stretching. Remember to keep your puppy away from areas frequented by other dogs. Until she’s been vaccinated, your puppy is susceptible to numerous diseases


Prepare yourself and your family that during her 1st day home your puppy may behave a little odd. She may jump right into the mix and fit in or she may have some anxiety and be very nervous. Your Havanese puppy may sleep straight through the night or she may be up all night crying. She may be sweet and quiet or she could be active and silly. This is a new experience for you and your puppy. Remember, she is just trying to get a handle on what’s going on.

  • When bringing your puppy home remember to not allow her to roam your house until she is house broken. We strongly recommend using the short leash we provide and keeping her with you. You can find specific instructions on the best way to housebreak your Havanese puppy on our Havanese Puppy Care Page of the website and right here in our Havanese Blog.
  • If your puppy wants to rest, be a quiet presence. Try not to overwhelm her with your affections and excitement. She needs time to adjust.


  • Put any of her food/water away after 6/7pm to make sure her bladder, etc. is empty. Otherwise, you’ll be making trips to the bathroom all night, or worse, end up with a mess in her crate!
  • Shortly before her “bedtime” spend some time playing with your puppy. You want her to be tired enough to sleep soundly. Never let her nap within the hour or two before you go to sleep. If you do you’ll end up with a playful puppy just as you’re ready to climb into bed.
  • Make sure to take her outside to do her business before putting her in her crate. Remember to give her lots of praise to reinforce her positive behavior.
  • If your puppy starts crying at night, you need to decide if she has to go to the bathroom or if she’s looking for attention. If she’s been quiet for a few hours and suddenly starts to cry or whine, she may need to go out. Puppies have small bladders, so you’ll likely have to take her out at least once during the night.


  • If your puppy is crying and you’re sure it’s not for need of relieving herself, reach down and soothe her a little. DO NOT CODDLE YOUR PUPPY. This will only reinforce the negative behavior and she’ll cry even more. If she continues to whine, a sharp toned “Enough” should settle the matter. If she continues, ignore her. Tough love may be difficult, but eventually your puppy will learn that crying at night gets her nowhere. The more persistent you are in your approach, the quicker the situation will be resolved. If you’re stern one minute and sympathetic the next, your puppy will only be confused and her behavior will continue.
  • In the morning, get up right away and take your puppy outside to do her business. Carry her. Don’t let her walk there or she may be tempted to go before she gets outside. Let her empty everything out, and praise her when she’s finished.
  • As with any new baby, you may not get much sleep the first night with puppy. If you’re patient and understanding, your puppy will learn what you expect of her when it’s time to sleep. You both should wake up rested and ready for the day after a few nights together.


Her first week home will get progressively better. Within a few days, you’ll notice her watching you and even getting excited to see you! You may even be surprised by her different reactions.Rest assured that as her personality emerges it’s a positive sign that she is feeling safe and welcomed with her new family! Make sure to establish her new routine immediately and stick to it. During the first week home, learning this routine and her name should be most important!

During the first week she should learn:

  • Where she eats
  • Where she sleeps
  • Where she goes to the bathroom
  • Where she plays

Make sure to use specific words for each routine to make your puppy’s 1st week home a success! This will let her begin to recognize your voice and connect specific words to those actions. Remember to ALWAYS praise her when she shows good behavior.
Make sure to check our Havanese Puppy Care Page and this blog as often as you need. Every question we have ever been asked about Royal Flush Havanese puppies from anyone who has ever had the joy of taking their babies home is answered in full detail there!

Remember, at Royal Flush Havanese we are ALWAYS here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are nervous about your first week home with your new Havanese puppy! This should be a happy, joyful, and loving experience for everyone! Be sure to check out our Havanese Reviews to hear from parents who have already taken their Royal Flush Havanese puppy home!


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Business Address:95 Old Coach Rd,Charlestown,RI,02813,USA |Tel: 401-864-3371 |Email:
Royal Flush Havanese Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews. | Royal Flush Havanese Reviews