Havanese Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

Havanese puppies for sale in PASearching for Havanese puppies for sale in Pennsylvania?  We invite you to consider Royal Flush Havanese. 

Although we’re not located in Pennsylvania, we’re among the premiere Havanese breeders in the country, and the only Havanese breeder in Rhode Island to be awarded accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.  And we offer hand delivery of our healthy, well-socialized Havanese puppies to your home in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York or anywhere in the continental U.S.

Unlike some other Havanese breeders who also breed and sell other breeds, we breed and raise Havanese exclusively. 

Why Purchase Your Havanese Puppy from a Breeder?

When searching for Havanese puppies for sale in Pennsylvania we strongly urge you not to consider purchasing from an individual with limited experience and knowledge of the breed.  “Backyard breeders” and brokers are typically more concerned with making a sale than with the health and well-being of the puppy.

Individual Havanese sellers are typically not licensed or registered, and they rarely offer any type of health guarantee or support after the sale.

The Royal Flush Havanese Difference

At Royal Flush Havanese, we’re dedicated to breeding healthy puppies, and providing them with the care they need to develop into healthy adults with good temperaments.  This includes a healthy diet, all age-appropriate vaccinations, and the all-important early socialization training with people and other puppies.

We’re also committed to providing our puppy owners with the training and ongoing support they need to continue that level of care as their puppies grow into adulthood.

When you purchase your puppy from Royal Flush Havanese, you’ll receive a 2-year guarantee that your puppy will be free of any hereditary or acquired health conditions.  And we also offer an optional 6-year health guarantee provided you adhere to our recommended dietary regimen.

To ease separation anxiety for your new puppy, you’ll also receive a blanket with the scent of your puppy’s mom and littermates.

Our Rehoming Service

Although it rarely happens, owners sometimes find that they’re unable to keep their new Havanese puppies.  Although we don’t offer refunds, we do offer a free, no questions asked rehoming service and use every available resource at our disposal to ensure that your Havanese puppy or adult finds a loving home.

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