Havanese Puppies for Sale in New York

When searching for Havanese puppies for sale in New York, you have several options and a number of things to consider. Finding Havanese puppies for sale by individuals may seem like a good option, but it can also be risky. Even if an individual seller can provide vaccination records and lineage documents, they typically don’t offer health guarantees. Although Havanese are not prone to many of the health problems common to many other pure breeds, most individual sellers don’t have the education and experience needed to provide puppies with the proper preventative and dietary care to ensure their puppies grow into healthy adults. The American Kennel Club recommends buying your puppy from a “responsible and well-respected breeder.” Unlike individual sellers, Havanese breeders are concerned about the betterment of the breed, and therefore focus on breeding healthier puppies with good temperaments.

Selecting a Havanese Breeder

There are numerous reputable breeders with Havanese puppies for sale in New York and the surrounding states, and no two are exactly alike. When selecting a breeder, consider the following: Do they breed Havanese exclusively? At Royal Flush Havanese, we breed only Havanese and treat our puppies and adults like royalty! We’re dedicated to producing the healthiest Havanese puppies with the best dispositions, and to providing our customers with the best possible service and “forever support.” How many years’ experience does the breeder have? Our owner, Holly Mastroianni, has been breeding dogs since age 19. Holly and her staff have devoted their lives and the future of Royal Flush Havanese to producing healthy, well socialized puppies for families and individuals throughout the U.S. Does the breeder offer a health guarantee? When selecting Havanese puppies for sale in New York, be sure to also consider the care given to the breeding couple. Our dames and sires receive routine veterinary care and annual exams to ensure they are free of hip, heart, lung and patellae issues. In addition to the required 2-year guarantee against hereditary and acquired health conditions, we offer a written 6-year health guarantee to owners who adhere to our recommended dietary regimen. Does the breeder offer rehoming services in the event you are not able to keep your Havanese puppy? We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. If for any reason you’re not able to keep your Havanese puppy, our free rehoming service ensures that he/she will find a loving home with another family or individual. Will the breeder deliver your Havanese puppy to your home? If you’re searching for Havanese puppies for sale in New York, it might not occur to you to consider a breeder located in another state. But our delivery service makes owning one of our beautiful, healthy puppies easy no matter where you live. If you’re unable to travel to our location, we will personally deliver your new Havanese puppy to your home in New York or anywhere in the continental United States, including Pennsylvania, Vermont and Massachusetts.

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