Havanese Puppies for Sale in Massachusetts

Havanese puppies for sale in MassachusettsWhen searching for Havanese puppies for sale in Massachusetts, you should also consider breeders in surrounding states. Royal Flush Havanese is a very short drive and we have been breeding since 1983! We are the ONLY dog breeder in Rhode Island BBB accredited and we boast an A+ rating. We are the ONLY Havanese breeder in the United States who is BBB accredited.

Purchasing your Havanese puppy from a reputable breeder offers a number of benefits over buying from an inexperienced, individual seller.  In most cases, individual sellers, sometimes referred to as “backyard breeders”, are not registered or licensed, they fly under the radar raising pups and adults in sub par conditions and they typically have very little experience with, or knowledge of the Havanese breed.

In comparison, reputable, professional Havanese breeders frequently posses a great deal of experience and a deep knowledge of the breed. They strive to insure that their dogs, pups and customers always have the best experiences possible. They thirst for knowledge and strive for perfection so they can always produce the best Havanese you will ever find. Good Havanese breeders health test parents which is extremely costly and they feed the best food and provide the best supplements. You won’t find a “cheap” Havanese from a reputable breeder. It is just impossible to do all the right things for your new little havanese puppy without significant cost.

Whether purchasing a Havanese puppy, or any other breed, the AKC recommends making your purchase from a qualified breeder because they are “concerned about the betterment of the breed, and therefore focus on breeding healthier puppies with good temperaments.”

Do Your Homework

Whether purchasing your Havanese puppy in Massachusetts, or in a nearby state, you should take the necessary time to fully vet any breeder you’re considering dealing with. 

Any reputable Havanese breeder will be happy to arrange an in-person visit.  Be sure to ask lots of questions prior to and during your visit. At Royal Flush Havanese we are here to answer your questions 365 days a year. We never rest unless we know you are satisfied.

Let’s face it, few things are as distracting as a cute, cuddly Havanese puppy so it’s a good idea to ask a lot of questions before you pick up your puppy so you are well prepared. A good breeder will have your puppy’s health record, feeding instructions, AKC paperwork, detailed health guarantee and many other instructions ready to send home with you and your new puppy and everything will be explained to you in detail.

In addition to the health and temperament of the puppies, be sure to pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the place, and the demeanor of the caretakers.

6 yr Health Guarantee

Regardless of whether you purchase your Havanese puppy from a breeder in Massachusetts, or elsewhere, be sure to ask about and understand their health guarantee.  Breeders are required to provide a 2-year guarantee against hereditary health conditions and some offer additional guarantees.  At Royal Flush Havanese, we offer a written 6-year health guarantee provided you adhere to our recommended dietary regimen.

FREE Havanese Rehoming Services

What if it turns out that you’re not able to keep your new Havanese puppy for some reason?  This rarely happens, but buying your puppy from a breeder who offers rehoming services is a good idea. 

Our free, no questions asked, rehoming service is your assurance that your puppy will find a good, loving home in the event you’re not able to keep her. 

Delivery to Massachusetts 

Purchasing your Havanese puppy from a breeder who offers delivery services can be a huge benefit, depending on the type of service they offer.  Delivery via a common carrier can be stressful for you and your new pet, and even dangerous for your new Havanese puppy. In fact it is illegal for a breeder to ship a puppy to a new owner unless the breeder is USDA certified. 

We will hand deliver your new Havanese puppy to your home in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the continental U.S., including New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania. We will spend an hour acclimating you to your new puppy and answering all your questions. After your new puppy is home with you we will still be available 365 days a year to answer questions and give you support in raising and training your new pup. We always consider our puppy parents members of our expended family. We want you and your puppy to acclimate seamlessly and live happily together!

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