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Royal Flush Havanese Reviews

 The Royal Flush Havanese Reviews page evolved because so many owners of our Havanese puppies continue to share such great pictures and notes with us as their puppies grow up. We think of you all as our extended family and thank you immensely for continuing to keep us in your lives! Your emails and pictures brighten our spirits every day. 

Enjoy over 100 Royal Flush Havanese Reviews and Emails and hundreds of pictures for new visitors and old friends to explore!
As solely Havanese Breeders, we are able to focus all our attention, education, dedication and love on this amazing breed and continue to bring the best Havanese puppies for sale to wonderful people and families like you and yours. I hope this page brings a continuous smile to your face!

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Royal Flush Havanese ANGEL


I think the name says everything, I couldn't be more happier. Angel has filled a void in my life and for this I will be ever grateful.  Holly has always been available anytime I have called.  Angel is the second Havanese  I’ve purchased from Holly. I couldn't think of another breeder, I would have considered buying from. Holly is truly exceptional at what she does.

Lee R

 Royal Flush Havanese BROWNIE

Brownie_A.jpg Brownie_B.jpg Brownie_C.jpg

Good Morning Holly and Amanda,          

 First of all, I want to THANK YOU for breeding these amazing dogs!!!  I picked up "Brownie" on Monday and surprised my son, Michael, with him (an early Christmas present).  After brainstorming a list of names, Michael has chosen "Brownie" to be his name.  Michael loves brownies and my nana, who recently passed away, loved chocolate.  "Brownie" was the perfect name for our newest family member!  

Brownie is adjusting well to his new environment.  He is so loving and affectionate.  Brownie kisses us all the time.  I cannot say enough about all you do at Royal Flush Havanese to train your puppies.  It is amazing what Brownie is already able to do.  Coming home paper trained has been such an easy transition for us (especially as a novice dog owner).  Also, being trained to understand the command "sit" before he wants to be picked up and also before he eats has been a huge help.  I think I have been already spoiled with bringing home a new puppy from Royal Flush.  I have friends who brought home new puppies and hear all of the "work and effort" they have had to put in.  Don't get me wrong, Brownie is work, but not anything like I expected.  I attribute that to you and the staff at Royal Flush for preparing and conditioning these pups right from birth.  My mom was amazed at how I could blow dry Brownie, brush his teeth, and even vacuum near him!!  He actually likes the vacuum.  It puts him to sleep...LOL!

 Thank you!


 P.S. Here are some pictures of Brownie and Michael!  The smile on Michael's face tells it all! 

 Royal Flush Havanese CHICO

Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you. Yes, we did a lot of research before getting Chico from Holly. I was impressed with her commitment to the puppies in the litters and the conditions in which she
cared for them on the weeks leading up to our taking Chico home. I was also impressed with Chico’s parents and the quality of her dogs.

The combination of the quality of her dogs and the care they received in addition to the fact that she is relatively close to to our home made her the ideal breeder for us. In a couple of weeks, Chico will be 9 years old!

While he relaxes a bit more around the house these days, when he goes out, he still plays like a happy healthy puppy. He is awesome and just a pleasure to have around.

I have no reservations about our decision to use Holly as a breeder or about the wonderful friend that she has provided us. I can safely say, based on our experiences with Chico, that you’ll be very happy if you add one of her puppies to your household.

Feel free to ask any other questions.



 Chico turned 12 on March 5th and he's doing as amazing as ever! I would have sent pictures earlier, but I wanted to wait until he got groomed. I can't believe that it's been 12 years since we got him. You'd never know it being around him. He's a friendly and wonderful 12 year old puppy at heart. 



Today is Chico's 13th birthday, and I'm thrilled to report that he's doing great! When I take him out and we run into other people with dogs, they can't believe his age. He's just as fun and playful as when he was a puppy. He's a great dog and once again, I thank you for providing our family with such an incredible companion!

I attached a few shots I took of him today.


  Royal Flush Havanese COCO

Coco   Coco   Coco
cocobarrington.JPG princess_coco_bed.JPG coco_on_bed.JPG  


Coco is doing great. She is so happy and full of life!! We love this puppy!

Thanks again,

OMG!! The website looks amazing.  So easy for prospective parents to navigate. Love it!! 

Coco is doing wonderful, she travels everywhere with us.  Here is a photo of her at a park in Essex, CT. 4/28/12

Hi Holly
Just a little update on Coco. She won the “pet of the month” contest at Barrington Veterinary Clinic!! Well, of course she did, she’s just the cutest!! She is getting bigger every day. We bought a new boat and she loves going on it and running on the docks. We love her so much. Thank you again. I go nuts every time I see your new litters. Can they get any cuter? I ask Jeff for another one every time I see them. He says no. Lol.
I’ll send some new pics this week!!

We adopted our puppy Coco in March 2012.  She has been nothing but amazing.  We brought her to the vet the day after we brought her home.  Our vet said that  the breeder of this puppy did all the right things with her before she was adopted.  She was very impressed.   We have been in touch with Holly from Royal Flush at least once a month with updates on our puppy.  We send her photos which she always posts on the Royal Flush website.   We love to see photos  of the new puppies that are available, always thinking of adopting another one.    We know several other local people who have adopted from Holly and Royal Flush and we are all happy with our sweet Havanese pups.  
We did our research before we adopted and we called Holly several times to chat about her puppies.  She always took our calls and answered all of our questions.  Once we decided what puppy we wanted, she sent me weekly photos up until the day we picked our puppy up.
Super happy puppy owner - Barrington, RI

 Royal Flush Havanese MIA



Hi Holly,


Mia, our Havanese puppy from you, is doing very well.  She is the cutest and sweetest little pup!


All of our interactions with you were a pleasure.  You displayed extensive knowledge of the wonderful Havanese breed and your patience is commendable.  We greatly appreciate that you have and continue to be reachable by phone or email.  You are always prompt and helpful in answering our questions and giving advice.


We have only good feelings about getting our cute puppy from you and would not hesitate to recommend you and Royal Flush Havanese to others.


Best regards,

Angela and Gerard (and Mia!) 


Hi Holly,

 Thank you so much for our wonderful Max.  He is such a cute and absolutely wonderful puppy.  Mia and he are getting along so well already...they play all the time and if they are not playing, they are napping!  We are enjoying them so much.

 I have attached a few pictures for you to see.  Max is laying over Mia in the car photo!  So adorable!!!

 Angela & Gerard

Hi Holly,
Thought I would send this picture of Mia and Max to you.  They are two terrific dogs and they get along great!  Mia is 3 and Max is 2.  It amazes me how much larger Max (22 lbs.) is than Mia (11 lbs.)!
You have provided us with two loving and sweet dogs and we greatly appreciate it!
Take care and Happy Holiday's!

Angela L


Royal FLush Havanese SPARKIE

sparkie_wasnt_me.jpg Sparkie_Rona_Chillin_by_the_pool.jpg  sparkie_the_king.jpg

Hi Holly, thought you would enjoy Sparkie thinking he is the King.  He is such a hoot.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Royal Flush for bringing Sparkie into this world.  He has become our shining star.  A day does not go by that he is sure to make us laugh till we cry.  Love us when we need it and just hang.  Royal Flush is absolutely the best when it comes to bringing happy, healthy loving pets to so many people.  You are always there and not just when you are making a sale.  Questions are answered usually within hours, your phone has never been turned off.  What a wonderful job you do.

Bob and I through the years have known many breeders   Of course it was the opposite end of the spectrum, we showed shepherds.  Never in all the years did any of the people we came to know, and sometimes do business with come close to the quality of service you provide.  From the bottom of our hearts thank you for our boy.  He's a Hoot'

Regards Bob, Rona and specially Sparkie ♥♥♥ 


cody1.jpg cody2.jpg cody3.jpg

Dear Holly, Cody is doing wonderful!  ♥️He was a fabulous traveler and he is adjusting very well in our home.  He is eating, sleeping, pooping & loves walking on our small backyard.  
Thank you so much for all of your help in this process, everything work out well & i loved meeting Chaz & Charo also.  We can tell Cody is very well adjusted, happy, loving and smart puppy and these says a lot about your team.

Warm regards,

Lucia S



Brady_and_Tucker1.jpg.JPG Brady_and_Tucker4.JPG Brady_and_Tucker_2.JPG
Brady_and_Tucker_sit.JPG Tucker_goes_home_Lisa.JPG Tucker_growing.JPG

Tucker already comes when I call his name ..soo cute.. He comes running as

fast as he can.  (mostly becauase you all have been calling him his name for

so long now)   and now he also knows how to "sit" and respond to the "click"

of the clicker.  I wasn't sure I would ever find a training treat he would

enjoy but I found some doggy "crack" that they both are addicted to so that

will help with training him.   Freeze dried Chicken Liver.    And..he is

eating 1.5 - 2 tbs of his dried food 3 x's per day..sometimes more.  If I

sprinkle a tiny tiny amt of the chick liver on the remainder of his food

once he "thinks" he is done eating...he finishes the rest..licks the plate

clean but that's only usually needed at breakfast when he doesn't seem as



So Brady and Tucker went from opposite ends of the room to opposite ends of the chair to SPOONING !!   Pretty good progress so far I’d say.   Tucker is definitely a little rascal to his big brother, just doing puppy stuff, nipping at his legs, biting his tail and hanging on for dear life (much like that video you have on your website actually and oddly enough..lol )  and Brady has shown great restraint but at the end of the day…tonight when they slept back to back in a “reverse spoon” …we all looked at each other and were like and ..there it is..that’s what makes it all soo worth it !

 Just thought I’d share with you




ripley1.jpeg ripley2.jpeg ripley3.jpeg

 Hi Holly,

Well, it's been about a month since Ripley Duncan entered our lives and we are all completely in love with him.  Even my youngest, who has always been an "arms-length" animal lover - Ripley has torn down that barrier.  After losing our last dog (of 14 years), I wasn't convinced that my heart would swell as much, but it is bursting at the seams.  He is such a smart, gentle and wonderful pup and we couldn't imagine life without him.  

He has had his first visit with both the vet and the groomers.  He is also one week from graduating puppy kindergarten.  He is still not quite adjusted to his crate but it has gotten better. 

Everyone who meets him cannot help but fall in love!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing Ripley into our lives.

Warmest Regards,

The Sidoti Family 



Solomon and I are celebrating his 1st birthday!

 What a joy he is.

He has brought so much life and happiness to me and countless others.

Thank you for breeding him and selling him to me.

God bless you and your work!

Father Frank S




I just wanted to say "hello", and "thank you" for the incredible little puppy you have given to us. We changed Rose's name to Annabelle (keeping Rose for her middle name). She is my third baby for sure, and I love her as if I had given birth to her, lol. Needless to say, the girls and xxxx love her just as much! She is fun, hysterical, obediant, gentle, and just perfect in every way. She is almost potty trained but still does the occasional poopy slip on her favorite rug. I honestly did not expect such a wonderful experience raising a puppy so I have to really thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting we would care for her as you did You can peek at her on my cover photo...she's already grown so much since we got her! Take care and we wish you a wonderful summer...xo

The Wandyes Family  




Holly, I am technically challenged but I am hoping you can add her to the other pictures of all the puppies. Your pictures are the favorite webpage for all the grandchildren. The Brooklyn Chicky is perfect. The hit of her day is to wait on the corner  during the afternoon walk for the professional dog walker to arrive with 5 dogs and to walk with them and visit. Her best friends are the five buddies for that walk and a little blonde boy four going on five years old. I am told that the dog walker has claimed her as the very best disposition of any puppy he ever saw - funny, sassy, and plenty calm. In the park for doggies - she runs like wildfire and the apt children have taken turns taking her for her walks. She still has a lucky blue eye and a black eye and she is the perfect totally right dog for her family.

Thanks again for all the help - you get the thrill of having it work out this way daily with your wonderful dogs but it is a great thrill that is on going for the Grandparents - remembered for giving the best present ever…….Have a wonderful summer….Fairfax.         




Hello Holly,

We have been wanting to get in touch with you and send an update pic of

"ZORRO".  Because he has a black mask across his face!

We are just delighted with him, and he is turning into a great little

traveler.  We also have a motor home that we use for a couple months during

the winter, and now we are in San Antonio, Tx.  So far, after more than 2300

miles, he thinks this is his little new home.  We will leave here probably

on Monday a go up to Kerrville for a few days, then down across the Gulf

Coast and down to Florida for a while. 

We took him in to our local vet before we started on the trip to let her

give him his first "check up" and his lyme shot.  He weighed in at 9.5

pounds and today according to our scale is at a full 10 pounds.  We still

have him on the same food you gave us and we still are giving him the same

vitamins once a day at supper. 

He loves meeting new people and everyone loves him (of course)!.  So, just

wanted to give you an update as I am sure you like to hear from owners.

Hope you are getting along in the northeast weather this winter.  We plan on

being back home sometime next month.

 All the best,

Ron and Rita 

Hudson, New York


Dear Holly,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Linus- who has charmed everyone-  2 legged and 4 legged- that he has met!

Monday I brought him for the first time for a play date with big brother Charlie at my groomer's home (Linda has bred and shown dachshunds)- and he had a ball! Playing with Charlie's lab buddy, along with more reserved westies, a pomeranian and one of Linda's dachshunds-he had a great time.

Yesterday Jamie brought him to his Dad's to meet his 3 mini poodles- same thing- perfectly comfortable and at home no matter where he goes!

As much as a cuddler as he is, he's not afraid to mix it up with the big boys! And I often think you had the wise 6th sense to know that he would be a great match for Charlie- which he has certainly proven to be. I will always be grateful to you for that- and for bringing this sweetheart into our lives.

I'll be back to school next week, but plan to run home (I'm only 5-7 minutes away) during my prep periods to let Linus and Charlie out and give them some hugs. And Jamie usually comes home on his days off mid week, so he'll be here a day or two as well.

Hope all is well with you, your husband and family. I'll send some photos as soon as I get that card out of my camera!

Linus is proof positive that you love what you do- and that no one does it better. My Vet- whose Baci is from a year earlier litter than Charlie- said at my last visit that a Havanese would be the perfect dog for he and his wife in their later years. Big dog in a little dog body! They are a truly wonderful breed- but so important that there are people like you who assure us that they will stay true to their positive reputation.

 Take good care- and again- thank you.



 I must tell you that Pepe is the love of my life!!  He is the sweetest dog I have ever known. He's kind, loves all other dogs, cats,squirrels and anything that moves.   I only let him get close to dogs and cats though!!  He loves to play -- runs around in circles and has the best time in the yard as well as when I take him for walks --- when he walks by a house that has a dog, he stops and jumps up and down as though he's saying "please come out to play with me" ---- He's just the best!!!  .

 Enjoy the summer -- it truly is coming!!!





Moly_Startled_Awake.JPG maggie_and_moly.JPG

 Moly lives her playmate, Niobi is adjusting to Moly (well).  And yes, I accidentally got Moly's hair cut really short :/



remmington1.JPG remmington2.JPG

We love him so much.  What a great disposition and he is quite the looker.  I'm always going to have one of these around. Thanks for helping us find the perfect dog.

The Blatt Family 


brothers.JPG whole_puppy_family.JPG



Puppy #6 now has a name, Quinn!! And is adjusting much better than I

could have hoped. He wasn't stressed at all and has wolfed down every

meal from day one. I attached a couple of pictures of the whole puppy

family! The two brothers were SO excited to see one another and played

all day on Sunday! I'm sure I'll be contacting you with any questions,

but just wanted to say thank you so much! He's perfect!
Thanks! Shannon and Joe



   bREWSTER_mAGGIE.JPG  Brewster_and_Rick.JPG

Brewster says hello from his cool spot under the couch--

Doing well-- NO ACCIDENTS YET! Eating food/vitamins well, loves to run around the yard...happy to snuggle anytime.

We are all in love!

:) Maggie, Rick, Mary Kate, Sophie Matt and Brewster 



Hi Holly-

Brewster is great. Getting big. Loved by all... Currently napping on Rick. Hope all is well,




Hi Holly,

I just wanted to send you an updated picture of Lucy, and let you know that she's doing great! She made a best friend, as you can see in the picture.

I am so thankful that Walter and I have her in our lives.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

-Andrea Brown 


Diego_and_Enli_Susan.JPG diego_susan1.JPG DIEGO_BEFORE_GROOM.jpg


Diego_Easter_Susan.JPG Diego.jpg DIEGO_NEUTERED.JPG

Diego and Enli are snugglers on the couch.

Both seem happy and I am ecstatic !

Thanks so much.



Hi Holly,

Diego had a great visit at the vet today. He weighs in @ 5 lbs 13 oz.

He is such a joy and his coloring is amazing!

Hope u r well!



Mr. Diego Dog had his big procedure today- neutered.

Poor boy.

He is fine, healthy and his coat is getting lots of dark hairs in his red-blonde places.

He is beautiful and wonderful and a joy in my life.

Thanks so much for your dedication to these wonderful dogs. 


Charlie_Duckie_Buddies_MaryAnna1.JPG Charlie_MaryAnna_-_23_Nov_12.jpg charlie_duckie2_MaryAnna.JPG


Hi Holly,

This is MaryAnna.  I bought Charlie in November and wanted to send some pictures of his life with us since then.  He is just over three months old (b. 19Sep2012) and what a joy.  He is ALWAYS the star  of the show and brings so many smiles to so many people.

He made a wonderful friend of the female golden retriever next door (Duckie) and looks forward to his play dates with her every morning.  We think she thinks Charlie is her puppy because she is so protective of him when they play outside.

Also, could you send me a picture of Charlie's mom, Sapphira?  I found a picture of his dad, Chazz, but couldn't find one of Sapphira on your website.   Also her weight.  I'm putting a Charlie book together to send to my son in South Africa......

 Enjoy the pictures and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


MaryAnna and Charlie 



champ_merle.jpgHi Holly

We love the new website. This note is long overdue.  We thought you would enjoy this photo of our now "senior citizen". Champ turned 9 yesterday. We drove 1,300 miles so he could spend 2 months in FL with us and we found a wonderful groomer who has experience with Havanese. He adjusted beautifully to a strange house and loves his daily 3 mile walks.  He is happy, healthy and the love of our lives. We get endless compliments on his easy going temperment and how smart he is.  He has us well trained.  Thanks once again for the wonderful dogs you breed and the unconditional love brought to our lives












Leo is awesome! Thank you. The only problem is that my sons fight over him!



Everything is going extremely well....Hercules slept through the night,  in his crate, car ride home, fine, not a problem at all

overall it is all amazing... just amazing....!!!!!

 he is so smart... we are following your puppy guidelines... so very helpful.....

we are bringing him out  to do his business... that is going well too...

we all commented on how wonderful he smells, what kind of shampoo is it...?  Would love to purchase some if you could give me the name that would be great!!!!

 He is eating well, had his vitamin and is playing with us and we can't beleive how happy he is and we are too!








Hi Holly-

Just wanted to check in Anderson you know how Charlotte is doing. She is such a love! We love her so much!! What a great pup! She is the perfect mix of spunky and cuddly! It feels like she has always been a part if the family. She is such a good pup! Very sweet and great with people and other pups. She has her 1st grooming appointment next week. Hope all is well with you.

   Jamie ;)  




I am in love. Thank you!





Bonnie_A.jpg Bonnie_B.jpg Bonnie_C.jpg

Hello Holly!!!  I hope you have had a great month or so...!  It is SO COLD here...can't wait until spring!!!  I wanted to just send you a picture of Gemma and tell you how wonderful she is.  She is truly an UNBELIEVABLE awesome member to our family!!!  She is the most trusting, adoring, friendly girl...we just can't get enough of her!!  We begin "doggie class" next weekend and we are looking forward to helping her learn how NOT to chew our furniture, our rugs, and whatever happens to be in front of her!!! tee hee!!  We just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely girl.

We will continue to send pics...!

Hello Holly,

 I hope this email finds you well!  We just received an email from you and were checking out our beautiful girl's baby pics on your website and we realized that we haven't sent you any updated photos in two years!!  Gemma is just as sweet as the day we met her - we feel blessed to have such a kind, loving and silly dog…!!  Hope you enjoy these pictures!! (She LOVES to nap…!!!)

 May your Thanksgiving be full of family, food and fun!!!

 Take care,

Bonnie S and family





Hi Holly,

He's doing great!


max_andrea2.JPG max_andrea3.JPG max_andrea4.JPG

Hi Holly,

 I hope you had a great time in Florida!  Just wanted to share some photos of Max with you.  As you can see he is very LOVED by all of us!!  He has already brought us so much joy in the short week he's been with us.  What a good boy he is!  Sweetest dog ever.  Thank you for helping us find him!


 Terry, Andrea, Julia, and Lauren 




Just a quick note to let you know how thrilled we are with our little Abbey. She is such a happy little soul. I feel that she was meant to be the one who came home with me that day. She's doing great! She's enrolled in obedience class, where she's the star pupil:-) She's so smart! She has learned so many things so quickly. She's such a joy to have in our home. She loves long walks, and has made fast friends with other dogs in the neighborhood, as well as dogs in her obedience class. She's not timid at all, which I love, as she's usually the first one who approaches the bigger dogs, inviting them to play! I've even taken her in the pool with me a couple of times, which she is content to float around with me on my floaty chair! She's also a fan of baths, which is good, because she splashes in puddles, and doesn't fear mud at all. We had her groomed a few weeks ago, I love the puppy cut, and she's very happy. I've attached a picture for you. So many people comment on her curly coat and ask if she's a true Havanese. I love her curls, as she's absolutely adorable!


ThankAbby_Donna.JPGs so much for allowing me to bring this wonderful little girl into our family!















Hi Holly!

 I wanted you to know that today is Abby's first Birthday!  She's such a love bug and joy. She loves the snow too. Everyday we go across the street to a park, rain, snow, or shine, to play frisbee.

Take care!




Plato is a simply marvelous puppy.  He gets along with everyone: adult or child. He is finally not as worried about big dogs.  He is doing very well in puppy school! Thank you for a marvelous puppy,




dani sydney a royal flush havanese puppy   Sydney

 Hi Holly!

We have almost had Syndey for a year and it seems like the time has just flown by! She is a wonderful little puppy who loves to play with her toys, and other dogs of all sizes! She is great in the car and has taken several 10 hour trips with us without saying a word! Despite us living in an apartment, we have had no trouble potty training her, and she knows to hold it until we can take her outside. She loves cuddling with us on the couch or just following us around the house as we go about our daily tasks. She learned her tricks so quickly, we almost couldn’t believe it! As of now, she can sit, lie down, shake a paw, get on her hind legs and “dance” and play dead when we say BANG. She is an absolute joy to have and we can’t think of our life without her. Thank you so much for raising this beautiful puppy!

The Smith Family 

I cannot thank you enough for making it possible for the beautiful girl to be a part of her lives. We love absolutely everything about her and recommend you to all of our friends!





Hi Holly..Pretzel is doing well..so lovable and smart..going to vet today for another shot..thanks Cheryl 



BennieVery proud! Thought you’d like to know








Hi Holly,

I had to let you know that Bennie continues to be a phenomenal puppy at 13months old..Smart, lively, friendly, cuddly and now a member of Therapy Dogs International!! Soon he’ll be able to bring smiles on the faces of those less fortunate in hospitals, nursing homes, etc…and will live up to his full name Benzodiazepine!! What a total joy…



 PS I have passed on your name to several people who have decided that they too want a dog like Bennie..

Hi Holly,

 Just an update on Benny’s progress at just past 1 year. He is an amazing, loving, intelligent and friendly dog who is quite obedient. Two weeks ago he passed the Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors and we plan to take the Therapy Dog International test next month. I would like to share his delightful temperament with folks who can benefit from spending time with him…Marilyn  



Potter   Potter   Potter




potter4-and_fish.jpg potter5-167x275.jpg

  Hi Holly,

 Potter is doing wonderful. He is a great puppy who is very social and loves to meet new people. Everywhere I go people just love him and can’t believe how gorgeous he is with his wonderful markings and his little brown nose and green/blue eyes. He has a wonderful personality and is so loveable- he follows me wherever I go and is doing very good with house training. We took him out on our boat the first week we got him and he loved it- he had no fear and was calm as could be. He is a doll and we love him so much- but he is just like having a baby again and requires all my attention and patience which I do have a lot of since I teach kids for a living. We will send u some pictures as he grows and hope u can post him on your website so people can see how handsome he is- maybe we’ll get him a playmate down the road? Lorraine and Dan 7/11/12


 I have a 6-month male Havanese puppy named Potter whom I purchased from Royal Flush Havanese. I called inquiring about a puppy one day and told the owner Holly that I was looking for a male. She said just as we were speaking one of her females was birthing a liter and she would call me back as soon as the liter was born. She called me back the next day and there was 1 male born to that liter and she immediately sent me a picture of him. She told me his markings were beautiful but that I couldn't see him for 8 weeks. I kept in communication with her by e-mail and she sent me a picture of him each week when I asked for one as he kept growing.
When the 8 weeks was up I went to see him at Royal Flush and I found her staff to be very friendly and informative and the place was clean and well kept. I immediately fell in love with Potter and saw that he as a very happy and sociable puppy.
                               I met Holly and she spoke with us for quite a while filling us in on the breed and when we asked she bought out both Potter's mother and father so we could see them. She did this with no hesitation and we were so glad we got to meet his parents. Holly answered all of our questions and gave us a very full goody bag of toys, a leash, a small food supply to start and a sample of the vitamins she was giving the dogs. Any other questions I had once I got Potter home, she was very willing to answer for me.
                              I would highly recommend Royal Flush for a healthy, lovable dog with an owner who is very loving and caring and a breed that will give you many years of love and happiness. The facility seems to be very well kept and the puppies all seem to be healthy and well-cared for. If you want a small breed who is intelligent, adorable, and hypo-allergenic, please check out Holly's pups on line. You will immediately fall in love with them! Check out our cutie Potter on the site also. We walk him down the street and people can't help falling for him--tells us he looks like a little stuffed animal--he is a handsome boy!





  Hi Holly, I have been meaning to contact you for ages. Bandit is a great puppy and getting along very well in her new home. We also have a lab and the two of them play so well together. Bandit is crate trained and had all of her shots. We are having the best time with her, just totally smitten. Nancy 


 More OWEN!


Owen   Owen   Owen


 The boy is a stitch-keeps us laughing every day-can’t imagine life without him! Hope all is well! 



Bandit and Bre







Hi Holly,

 I just wanted to let you know that Bandit and Bre have settled in very nicely. They fast became best friends and play together all day. It’s fun to watch them run full throttle with their hair blowing in the wind. They put themselves to bed in their crate everynight around 8 PM and they let me decide when we’re going to start the day each morning…..Love that!

Hope all is well!

 The Tanguay Family

  We purchased 2 puppies earlier this year and they are both turning a year old in November.  From the start, Holly answered all our questions and made us feel comfortable about returning with any questions that may come up in the future.  She sent both puppies home with a package that included step by step instructions that covered all scenario's.  Both of our puppies were given a clean bill of health by our vet who was impressed with Holly's record keeping.  My puppies came from different litters but they hit it off right away as they do with everyone that comes to visit us. They play all day long and are so full of energy but if we want them to quiet down, we just need to pick them up and they will curl up in our lap.  We keep their crate door open and if they get tired at night before we do, they will put themselves to bed.  In the morning, they wait until we speak to them and then they know it's time to get up.  I would highly recommend Holly as a breeder and plan on returning in the future when we're ready for another puppy.


Nurturing Havanese Breeder

 Holly, I have watched you nurture and care for your dogs as they were your very own family members for many, many years. Your website is amazing, but it still could never truly show the amount of love and respect you give each member of this extended family of yours. Kudos on all you do!!!



royal_flush_havanese_toby_and_harley_peg.jpg royal_flush_havanese_harley_peg.jpg royal_Flush_Havanese_Toby1_peg.jpg    


Hi Holly!!

We just wanted to send you some pictures and give you an update on the pups!  As you can see in the pictures, Toby is huge at a whopping 15 pounds and still growing...while little Harley is only 6.  They are both boat dogs now!  Toby loves the wind in his face and will even go in for a swim!!  Harley isn't to into going in the water, but still goes on the boat just the same.  They have a great dynamic together, thought it involves eating each other constantly.  They love everyone that walks through our door and are so intrigued about everything in our house.  Everyone that has met them has only good things to say!!  Anyways sorry for the picture overload, there were too many to choose from!!


The Ober Family



 Hi Holly!

 Just wanted to send you a recent picture of the boys, as you can see Toby is now one!  Of course his little brother Harley couldn't let him have all the attention and had to get in the picture himself.  They're both doing great, thoroughly enjoying all of the snow even if it's up above their heads!  I attached a few pictures of them in the snow as well!

Hope all is well!

The Ober Family


chester1.JPG chester2.JPG chesterjustbrushed.JPG


We adore him, thank you.  Sending another photo but he is 9 pounds!  Doctor says he is healthy and just right.  We think he might be bigger than we thought, no?  We love him fluffy so he gets brushed often.  What a great dog!



Baci1withson.JPG baci2.JPG

 Hi Holly,

We are so in love with Baci ! My son is in heaven. She has a great personality- sweet, nutty, feisty - we are having a ball.




violet1.jpeg violet2.jpg violet3.jpg


Hi Holly- I hope you are well.  I heard one of my neighbors is about to get a pup from you!  Violet is doing very well. She has so much positive energy and is the love of the neighborhood. I wanted to share some pictures. 

All the best- Beth





 Hi Holly,

Wanted to say hi and tell you that Daisy is wonderful and we are grateful to you ! Hope all is well with you.



Hi Holly,

Our sweet Daisy just turned 2 and my daughters wanted me to send you some

pictures for your website. We love her more everyday! Thank you for giving our

family a wonderful and healthy dog!

All Our Best, the DeFanti Family. :)






Hi Holly,

We are so in love with Chili; he has the BEST personality. Everybody just loves him. Here is a picture for your files. He is so terrific. He travels with us everywhere. We have a small private plane and Chili has flown over 400 hours with us! He just jumps into the back seat into his carrier and we can put his little ear muffs on. He has a voracious appetite so we portion his food to keep him trim. He weighs about 16.4 pounds. He is the BEST DOG EVER!!!!! He goes everywhere with us. Thank you so very much for helping him fill our lives with joy.

Myron & Cat






I just wanted to let  you know that Jeter is doing great!  He is loving it at his new home and acclimating very well.  He is just such a mush and a little love bug.  Thanks for such an amazing little pup!

The Rondinone Family





Hi Holly,

Just wanted to send you a picture of Lilly. She's an amazing little pup! We love her so much!! Thank you!!

Jim, Lisa, and Abbi ...and Lilly


stout1.jpg Stout2.jpg stoutinsnow.JPG


He is doing great, he is so smart, he has already start to climb stairs! 

Here is a picture...can't believe it has been a week...my kids love him!

Hi he is awesome love him more and more everyday!!!




She really is the sweetest, most adorable little puppy!!  We love her and she absolutely loves meeting anyone and everyone and posing for pictures.  She is too much!!






Oh my gosh Holly! She is wonderful! I cannot believe she is speaking to me already and telling me when she needs to go out, when she wants to snuggle, eat or play! I guess it helps that I work from home but 'spicy' is totally wonderful and so far a joyful addition to our family! She is already following the 'pee/pop' command we have for her. So smart, loving, cute, easy going and well behaved girl! So for only being 10 weeks old, thank you for this wonderful addition to our family!




Just wanted to tell you how in love we are with Ty (Elise and Primos pup)...one year today! Our first dog..it is a blessing we discovered Havanese!! THANK YOU.

The Remillard Family 

Franklin MA





 Hi Holly!,

 I just wanted to send you a photo of Freddy who I bought from you in March. He is a joy and is having great fun with his three sisters, Sadie my golden retriever and Salsa and Flirt my other havaneses who I also bought from you in 2005 and 2008.

 We are attending puppy kindergarten and he is so smart! Everybody loves him wherever we go.

 Will send a photo soon of Freddy with his sisters.








Cricket   Cricket   Cricket

 Royal Flush Havanese Review From Enid and Roscoe:

 Hi Holly, You can never get Cricket back now. We love her so much. Her stool sample has been tested, and all was normal. Her vet check was great. we will pick up the results tomorrow or Monday and email them to you.

 She has been doing her piddleing outside just about every time. poos too. Everyone in our family loves her to death. The first nite, she did not like her crate on the floor next to our bed, soooo, I took my pillow at 1 am and went into the computer room with her in her crate, and I slept on the floor next to her. It took about 2 minutes before she went to sleep. Now, she has been sleeping from 10 to 5:30 ever since. in her crate which we placed on our queen bed (in the middle) and she is asleep in 2 minutes. till 5:30 then she goes outside to do her piddles. Does her poos right after she eates her breakfast.

 We are a little more tired than we thought we would be, but what the heck.!!!!!!!

 Talk to you soon, Enid & Roscoe 



Holly – just wanted to tell  you that Mona is awesome.  We love her so much, she has a great disposition and is just the cutest thing ever.  Here is a pic – and thank you….  Denise



 Bailey is going to be 3 years old in July 2012, he loves being outside and fancies his chances at catching a squirrel. He nudges us with his snout and tells us when he wants to go out, eat or go for a walk. He likes belly rubs and looking at himself in the mirror and waits for us to tell him how handsome he is. We have endless fun with him, he is up for anything, likes the car and is great with other dogs. Thank you for our treasure.

 -Rose & Brian 



Hi Holly,

We’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now. Lola is the BEST! We truly adore her and at almost 6 months old she has settled in, is housebroken and well on her way to learning the basic commands… When our boys came home from College and met her, they could not stay away. She has also taken 1st place status and Favorite Grandchild” award by the grandparents!

My father wants to add her into his Estate Plans…LOL. As you might be able to guess from the photo, she loves playing with balls …..and the bigger, the better! I have never met such a happy dog, her tail always wagging and she just loves all people and of course, all other dogs and cats (no matter what their size)

We hope you are well and that this past storm hasn’t hit you too hard…….we are currently in Mexico and have been basking in the sun, far, far away from all of the white stuff! If it wasn’t for missing Lola, I think we would stay all winter!!!

Thanks again,

Mindy & Rob



She is really a wonderful puppy!!!! Basil really likes her and they play together endlessly! Lucy loves everybody! – family members and strangers alike! But her favorite is definitely Basil – she always wants to be wherever Basil is and has learned a lot from her. Basil does escape up onto the couch occassionally – but Lucy is determined to learn to jump on the couch by herself soon! She is growing like a weed and will no doubt give Basil a run for her money before too long.

Having two Havanese is definitely twice the fun!!




 Mishka says hi! We were folding socks and she likes to burrow into them and surface.



Mango   Mango

 Mango is fabulous!!! We love him so much. He is almost 2 ( as you know Dec 25th!!) and is as lively as ever. I am attaching a picture of him!

 Best wishes, Mines family







Hi Holly,

We got Sparkie from you last year (3/24/12) and he turned one yesterday. He has been a great addition to our family and we love him dearly. He gets lots of compliments every time we are in public with him and he loves it too!

Attaching a recent pic for you.

Svetal Patel 





Lola   Lola   Lola



 Hi Holly

 Just sending a picture from today- It’s Lola’s first birthday and she is truly one of the family! Our lives are so much better now that she is in it!!!

 My kids want another one! I sent my mom a link for your older pups as she is contemplating getting a dog and she adores Lola!!

 Thanks for such a great little dog!

 Suzy and Family



Its been a year and a half since we got our pup from Royal Flush and has been nothing but, as I always say "hitting the lottery of dogs".  She has been healthy from the get go aside from minor things like a wasp sting, we can say nothing less than A+ for health.  she is also the sweetest, happiest girl with such a lovable dispostion, I am contemplating a second dog and without hesitation, would get my pup from Holly at Royal Flush! My in laws were in Rhode Island and "unannounced" went to see Holly and were so impressed with the facility, cleanliness and how accomodating Holly was ...they even were able to visit with my pup's daddy! So in my opinion its a sure bet!  Happy Havanese Owner!


Rocky   Gigi   Rocky and Gigi

 By the way, Rocky is doing absolutely wonderful! Him and Gigi get along so well they are the perfect playmates. I just have to tell you he is the sweetest dog in the world! he can just sit for hours while you pet him. As for gigi she is doing so well. We all love them very much.

 Thank you! - Alanna



Thank you for your holiday Havanese postcard. I thought I would let you know that Cody Bilss is doing well. We’ve had him for just over 3 years now. He is almost 3 1/2 years old and is still a little guy at 8 lbs. We like him that way! Easy to pick up and carry around. Hope your holidays were great.

 Susan & Barry




SO sorry for not sending a picture of Jerry sooner.  We totally love him.  He is the most amazing puppy ever.  Smart, loving, affectionate....and FUN. I take him to work with me and everyone loves him.  People come to visit him, he has friends from the sidewalk and my clients call him a therapy dog.  I will definitely send more pictures - We all love him so much and he loves us.  Also, we are taking obedience classes! He makes our lives complete and its as though he was born to be with us...   Carolyn


 We are approaching our 3 year anniversary and I wanted to tell you how much we LOVE Ming…. He is just the BEST dog. He has become my second child. He is so smart and sweet. In th summer we take him to the Cape and he loves running on the beach and riding on the boat. I was never really a dog lover, but my daughter begged for a puppy so we chose the havanese and royal flush… Now I am the biggest dog lover….. Thank you so much for finding us the Perfect addition to our family….

 Susan F.



 Just giving you an update on sweet little Bella!!!! She got her first haircut 2 weekends ago. They butchered her!!!! Her body length is good, but they cut her face too short. She is still adorable!!!! She is potty trained – using piddle pads. I’m still going home during lunch for potty and walk. It kills me to go back to work, but it makes the rest of the day!!

 This week, I put up a gate to the spare room & spare bathroom and put her crate in there (open). I covered a shoebox with a king size blanket so she can see out the window. She has been an angel… keeping my fingers crossed.

 We also started obedience school last Sat. She was so good!!!! She listened and was the cutest in the class (of course!). She was the smallest too!

 Just wanted to give you an update to let you know she is doing GREAT. She is still sweet. She gets energy at night and has what I call “crack fits” – she just runs all around the apartment with a toy in her mouth. Then she comes on the couch and snuggles.

 Thank you so much for her. She is the absolute best J


Carlos   Carlos



Jackson   Jackson   Jackson

 We could not be happier!!!!! I know it’s early on but we think we have the best dog in the world—He goes to bed with us at 10:30 – 11:00 and sleeps to 5 or 6 am , goes back into his crate until 7:00 AM–no whining–We are not only delighted with that but he is a joy to be with.

 I brought him to the Vet friday and he was the hit of the day. There were at least 4-6 puppies there and he still was the winner without trying.




I just wanted to let you know how much we adore our Shelly! She is the best dog in the whole world! She’s smart, super sensitive and a wonderful addition to our family! It’s been five years, but it feels like a life time! She was/is truly a perfect fit! Can’t wait to get our next addition!

 This picture represents her typical pose….waiting for a belly rub!

 Thanks so much for doing what you do!

 Take care!



Roxy   Roxy

 Thought you might like to see how ROXY is doing! she is fabulous and continues to delight us….her best trick is the dancing she does on her hind paws which she can do for minutes at a time. we love her very much! S.B.



Belvedere is awesome! We have fallen in love with him. He is playful and sooooo snuggly. Belvedere is so happy to see you when you walk through the door. He has brought much happiness into our home.

Thanks Holly!


  Carlos   Cassie
Nelson   Nelson   Nelson

Dear Holly,

Nelson is one year old today. What a wonderful companion and part of the family he has become. Everyone he meets falls madly in love with him–we worry someone will steal him away when we aren’t looking. We have given your name to many people who want a puppy just like ours. We are back on the boat for the summer and Nelson is learning to be a great seaman, as per his name sake: Admiral Lord Nelson. Buz rigged up a “fake lawn” on the forward deck, made out of synthetic golfing turf. This works well for those first pees of the morning, allowing us to leisurely get ready to go ashore. We are still working on the swimming, but he is safe in his personal life jacket when he needs it. Even I don’t like to swim in water that is still so cold. He is trying to figure out what fishing is all about, but he loves birds. He stalks and chases sea gulls on the beach at every opportunity. He has never caugt one yet, but he keeps trying.

You might be interested to learn that our sweet brown and black baby dog has turned into a wheaten colour dog with grey-tipped ears and tail. Still very handsome.

R.N. & B.N.


Quick follow up on Chloe, she is doing great. She walked in the house on day one and decided that this is where she belong, no crying or anything, slept right through the first night. She is well on her way to being house trained, occasional accidents, but getting better everyday. She has the best personality, and has the whole family / house thing figured out. She loves the 4 kids, and Maureen who is not an animal lover is absolutely crazy about her.

Thanks, again for everything. Chloe is a great addition to the family.

Regards, CEC


Mango is adjusting beautifully to his new home. We are crate-training, housebreaking, and teaching him his name and how the play fetch. The kids are having a ball with him. We have had a few accidents, but not that many since I watch him like a hawk and have gotten pretty good at recognizing the signs for when he needs to relieve himself.




Bo at almost 5 months. He is such a joy. Very healthy and well adjusted.

P. Gardner


Hi Holly,

Just wanted to drop a line and send some new pics of the pups. They are doing great, I get so many comments and questions about them and the breed in general. They certainly are living up to all my expectations. At 6 months old they are potty trained (using the jingle bell to ask to go outside)

Don’t ever let anyone say getting 2 together is too much, they play so well together and use up a lot of there energy with each other. Leaving our walks twice a day a real joy.










BrutusHi Holly!

Just wanted to let you know that Brutus is great! We love him so much! He’s such a cutie and it’s so fun having him around! He’s such a sweetie he greets everyone that visits and always wants to be with us.

Thanks so much for completing our family with this little love!!!

- the Bradys









hi holly,

i bought my Havanese, jack, from you in march 2008 and am very overdue in thanking you so much for our puppy! he is the MOST loving, happy, silly dog both my husband and i have every met and had in our lifetimes and we are SO grateful he is in our lives. we thank you for him so very much and can’t wait to buy our next Havanese from you down the road. thank you again, your dogs made the best puppy in the world!

best regards,

m. johnson



ElliotHi Holly:

Just wanted let you know that Elliot is doing wonderful and we absolutely love him. He such a character and seems to worship the ground I walk on. He has turned into such a beautiful dog. He loves to chase the pigeons in the park and soak up the sun while kids play on the swings.

Thank you for such a wonderful member of our family he is the best.

J & J Conlin






Just wanted to let you know that Chico is the BEST dog ever! He’s so sweet, super-playful, and really smart.

We’re absolutely in love with him.


 More Royal Flush Havanese Puppies!




Harley in Doggles   Harley   Murphy


Delta and Maya   Delta and Maya


Hi Holly,

This is Holly from Charlestown, MA. I bought two female pups from you. The first is Delta, she was born August 19 2010 and the second, Maya born Sept 21 2010. They have been the joy of our lives this past winter and now. They are great dogs. Healthy, well behaved, loving and they love attention. Where ever we take them they are the center of attention whether they solicit it or not.

I’m attaching two pics. Both very recent. Take it easy,


Hello Holly,

Our new pup, Jackson, is doing very well! When I took him to our vet, she was very impressed with his disposition and overall very vibrant health! He took to our home right away… and is trying (without too much luck) to be-friend our cat! My boys love him.. and my husband became attached to him from the moment he met him at Royal Flush! He is crate trained and adapted very well to our life-syle!

Jackson is a real joy – thanks for everything!


Lola       Lola

Hi Holly

Just an update on “Lola”- she is perfect! We adore her, so sweet, playful, and really has come out of her shell in the last 10 days! She likes to nibble my hands first thing in the morning and is really good with going
outside to do her business!!

My kids cannot get enough of her especially by 6 yr old daughter who calls her a “teddy bear”. My husband calls her his “other” little girl and believe me has spoiled her already! Even my inlaws have been helping with walking her the days I work and they adore her as well. I have attached a few pictures of her and thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!

Suzy and family 

What I love is that everyone cant get over how friendly she is, she is very sweet, not a mean bone in her little body… see attached pic 

Its funny bc my sister in law and I compare traits and one they share is they HATE the rain, and she doesn’t not like the wind either


Hi Holly,

Im Ovie (my brothers named me after a hockey player because they play hockey all the time.) and im a year old now, and you sold me to the best owners any puppy could ever have! I have two brothers, a sister and a mommy and a daddy. Who all love me very, very much.

Over the summer I went down the cape with my family and they took me to the beach and I dug and I dug and I dug until I hit the cold sand because it was really hot. But my sister Emily would not let me go in the water because it was to rocky, i didn’t really care though because my cousin played with me and chased me around the whole beach! i had such a great time! when are vacation was over and my family took me back home, and a few days later, i met my neighbor Penny who became my best friend in the whole world! she is just like me because she is also a havanese but she is only 4 months old and she is a cream color. we love to play chase in the back yard, go on walks, eat are favorite treats together, and take naps once were done. (My sister takes me down there almost everyday. )

When I was a little, little puppy I did not like baths at all! But now that I get them all the time I don’t really mind them to much. I get brushed every night before bed and it feels really, really good and it makes me sleepy. I am so happy with my home and I couldn’t ask for anything better!!!

Hope you liked my story.

Ovie Jenkins


Hi Holly!

We hope that everything is well with you! I just wanted to update you on Monty, who has brought so much joy unto our lives. We have now had Monty for 7 1/2 weeks since we picked him up on March 26. He does so well at his vet appointments and attends Puppy Kindergarten at his vet. He loves to go on walks and enjoys company! He is not shy at all – he really loves kids, other dogs, and his grandparents. I am sending some updated pictures of him.

Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy!

Thanks again,

Jennifer and Steve


Hello Holly!

I hope that this email finds you well! I am sending another update on our wonderful puppy, Monty! He will be 9 months old next week, on 9/22/11, and I cannot believe that we picked him up from you 6 months ago. We always knew that he was very loving and sweet, but through his training classes, we have learned that he is incredibly smart! He has been through three different levels of training now – Puppy Kindergarten, Intermediate Class, and currently, Advanced Class.

He is taking his basic commands and using them in challenging situations. For examples, he will sit and wait from a distance, allow me to walk back to him, and on command, I can tell him where to go in the house to sit next.

Monty has also done a bit of traveling. He lives in CT and has been to RI, MA, and VT this summer! He enjoys socializing and using his knowledge from class in new environments.

I wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with everything that you do to raise your puppies – they are so smart and personable!

I will continue to update you in the next few months!


Jennifer and Steve 9/14/11 


Hi Holly!  Thank you for checking in!  Monty became a big brother on September 30 - Emily Rose-Colette Straub was born at 9:31 pm, and measured at 19 inches, 6 lbs, 1 oz.  I have attached a picture of Monty caring for Emily!  He is so good with her.  He keeps his distance but always checks on her in her bassinet or when we come back from the pediatrician!  10/05/12



Hello and Happy Holidays! I hope all is going well on your end. We are doing great and wanted to send a quick update on Owen. He has changed so much! He has doubled his weight and is now 8lbs. He is such a happy puppy and we absolutely adore him! He is definitely Mommy’s boy and doesn’t let me out of his sight! I have attached a few new pictures. He has been to the groomers twice-his hair sure does grow fast! He has also lost a lot of his black and it has come in so much lighter. He is simply beautiful!

I was wondering what exactly I should be feeding him. Should he still be eating 3 x’s a day or only 2? How much should I be feeding him-still a 1/4 cup or more. He loves cheese and bananas and I know they are safe options. Do you suggest anything else?

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a beautiful holiday season!
Patti 12/15/11










Just a picture of Oreo!!! She is resting after a long day of play and a nice dinner!


Molly and MaverickHolly,

I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know how well Molly and Maverick are doing. They are now six months old. Both are house-trained and puppy pad trained (which was a blessing during Irene!). They are crate trained and sleep in separate crates at night. They love to be outside in the yard and to lay on top of my grandchildren’s picnic table on the deck. Both have been “fixed” and are up to date on their shots. They have each been to the groomers twice. The pictures I’ve included were right after the first trip to be groomed.

When you posted Molly’s picture on your website you said she was a real couch potato. Not anymore! She is a live wire and loves to wrestle with big brother Brinkley (I’ve also included a picture of the three of them). She runs, jumps, pounces on Brinkley all the time. The two of them love to race around the yard at top speed. During the summer I had a wading pool in the back yard which was empty most of the time. Molly and Maverick loved to jump in it, climb the stairs and slide down the slide. Maverick is at least a pound lighter than Molly and is a real “mama’s boy.”

I can’t sit down to watch tv without him in my lap or laying beside me. He is usually the odd man out when they play or race around the yard, so he sticks close to me. Getting two puppies turned out to be perfect — Brinkley got a playmate who is as active as he is and I got my little dog to cuddle.

Everyone who comes to visit loves them — and some people come primarily to play with them! My four-year-old twin grandchildren love to hold Molly and Maverick, who are very calm and gentle with the twins.
Havanese are a wonderful breed and I couldn’t be happier with my two babies.

Sandy W 


                                                                                                                          Zoey and Oreo

Hello Holly,

We have been the proud parents of Zoey and Oreo since May and we couldn’t be happier. They have been a wonderful addition to the family. They are smart and easy to train. Happy and playful they make us laugh all the time, and they have been great with the grandchildren too. Zoey is loveable and will give hugs and kisses, while Oreo is happy just sitting on your lap all day if you will let him.

They love meeting new people and make new friends quick, there temperament is calm and friendly not barking or fearful. We have people ask us all the time about the breed and they see how well they behave. Thank you so much for the work you do with your dogs, the proof is in your puppies.

Chris and Cathy 

Bella   Bella   Bella


It’s been a while since I’ve written to tell you about Bella. She is by far the best dog EVER!!! She is so sweet and so good. We went to obedience school and she is good. I don’t practice a lot but she is still good. We still go for our daily walks. She also goes to dog camp every now and then. I get here there when it’s bad weather so she can get her energy out and if I go for a day trip on a weekend. She loves is and is tired for 2 days!! They have webcam so sometimes I peak in to see how she’s doing.

She was so shy at first. I brought her in recently and they asked me who she was! She was crazy the entire time. I think that was a lot of excited energy that it’s nice out.

Here are some pictures. Don’t worry – I don’t dress her up but I needed a winter jacket that actually covered her belly b/c she gets snow balls. She hates it. She bites me when I put it on. I took the hood off and she’s better with it. But, she still gets mad. It’s so funny!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let you know she is still as sweet as ever and has a very good and spoiled life!!! Lots of people that love and play with her.

Thank you so much!!!!



Hi Holly,

Benny is the funniest, sweetest and of course, cutest puppy ever!

Many people have asked me for your name and contact information…Benny lost his first tooth yesterday, has learned how to fetch, crawl from a down, walk on a loose leash and give kisses….I am crazy about this pooch!

Thank You,



Katie   Katie

 Hi Holly,

 Thanks so much for the info.  Thought I’d send you some pics of our precious pup..then & now.  The last one was used on our Xmas card!  We just love him.




Sassy and Zoey


Thought you might like to see a picture of Sassie and Zoey. We just love them.



Hello Holly,

In a little over a week, our friend Raleigh, one of your former pups is going to be turning one! In honor of his birthday, I wanted to pass along to you a few photos to give you a sense of how he adjusted to his new home and what he looks like now in all his glory.

We really enjoy having Raleigh, and we are so happy that he has bonded well with us as his family. He is a very proud dog, and likes to be in charge…..such a big personality for a guy his size! He really adores our Yellow Lab, Millie as you will see in one of the photos. He has added a lot of energy to the house and keeps us all on our toes. We just love him!

Hope you enjoy the photos and that this message finds you well.

All the best, Monica


Hi! Holly,Mopsy

Just wanted to send along a picture of Mopsy. She was one year old on 3/15/12. She is just the sweetest dog! She weighs about 12.5 lbs. and is energetic, loving and cuddly. We keep her groomed short and she looks great. We opted to train her to use an indoor potty box (something I never thought I’d do) and it has worked out perfectly. She has had the run of the house for several months with no accidents at all.

What a great breed! We just love her! Hope you and your family are doing well.

Peace, Rose 


She is the best dog ever, thank you, thank you Luna is just a smart fabulous puppy.
Thank you so much. I have told lots of friends about you. Hope it helps.


She is the best dog ever. Our neighborhood is in love with her. She greats all of my young clients is the smallest by far of the dogs in her Puppy training class, but also the star. Luna likes playing with the big dogs she meets including Bernese Mountain dogs and golden retrievers



She is so much fun – loves the beach, other dogs, fetching the ball … ALWAYS looking for me.

Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island



Hi Holly,

We purchased our puppy from you guys back in August (we love her!!) and we just sent Bobby and Sarah to you to find a
puppy, since it was evident that they were going to steal ours if they did not get their own!!! I’m so glad they will also be happy havanese owners soon!! Bobby & Sarah are awesome – you’ll love them… but their kids are so excited! They are friends with my daughters, and they are already saying the puppies will be ‘sisters from another mister’… seriously – this is 9th graders for you!

I attached a photo of Chesley from when we chose her from your website, and some photos from now. She is a funny, happy, playful dog who comes to our office every day, and when she stays home, everyone in the building, including the mailman, are sad… it’s so funny!

We are so glad to have found her, and just love having her as part of our family! Such a little love!!!

Thanks again,
Missy M 



I wanted to write and let you know how much we both love this little girl who just turned 2 years old on January 25, 2012. She is the joy of our home, so beautiful, smart, athletic (a great receiver who runs the backyard as a true athlete), loving, and funny. I love checking back in on your website to see her little relatives – so many look so similar to her! And so many of their parents have such wonderful stories to tell.

She is the queen of our house and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Patty and Charlie – Mia’s mom and dad!





Happy New Year! Yuki turned 1 this week. I wanted to take the time to thank you for creating such a beautiful, fun addition to our family. : )

He goes everywhere with us – our families in Maine and NY all have big dogs and he plays with them like they are his cousins too!) We have just finished our 3rd doggie school course (Beyond Basics), and he passed with flying colors. If we can fit it in my daughter’s busy schedule, we want to take the Agility Class.

He definitely has his opinion on how things should be, but he is a good boy.I wanted to show xxxxxxxxx (my daughter) Yuki’s Mom and Dad on your website. Which ones are they?

Here’s some pics from our 2011 with Yuki. Enjoy!

Thanks again. : ) Deb

Hi Holly,

Happy New Year to you too! Max is doing GREAT!!! He’s our pride and joy…everyone loves him!!! He’s going to be 2 years old on January 20th. He’s a big boy now with an excellent, fun disposition! I’ve attached a few pics for you to check out since I’d rather not post them on Facebook.

Take care,



Hi Holly,

Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful dog, Clancy! He is the perfect dog. He loves to go on walks, ride in the car, and snuggle on the couch. He is so sweet , playful, and adorable. Clancy is now 1 year and 7 months. Hope everything is well!

Thank you,
The Duff’s 




Thought you might like to see what miss Minnie is looking like now – this is probably at least a week and a half,
maybe two weeks now.

She’s growing like a weed, eating much better! We’re having alot of fun with her – she’s a hoot!



Thought you might like to see Minnie after her first grooming! This was taken at the beginning of September – she’s changed so much even since then.

How long do you continue to feed puppies the Mini 33 dog food?






Hi Holly,

Lola Smiling at Jennifer

The little ones are adorable!!! I wish I could afford $1300…Lola would love to have a true sister or brother. I have been meaning to write. Lola is such a special dog. I can’t tell you enough how she has made my life better. She stops people in their tracks. Whether it’s because she gets on her back legs and walks like a person when she is excited(see attached) or because she is filled with so much love and affection. Lola will be three this November and is still really acting like a puppy. Lola loves other dogs…the bigger the better. Her most favorite is Rusty…60lb mutt…who plays gentle but has taught Lola to be feisty. OR Quest…a 100lb Retriever who is very old and lets Lola sleep next to his belly. Rusty is very careful with Lola and is so big he jumps over her. It’s interesting — Lola feels the safest with him.


Lola is a little timid around dogs her size..but once she knows she is safe…she wants to play like they are her Rusty. Needless to say…she plays rough. My niece and nephew have already had 2 wedding for Lola and Rusty. But I hate to tell them…Lola has another love. Bruno…a 20lb havenese! He is huge…so much bigger than Lola!! And…Lola gets all coy around him…it’s quite funny. He lives near my parents and Lola will whine looking for him. When she see him coming up the street she’ll run around in circles really fast and start yelping and run to the door so we will let her out. Lola never leaves my side…she sleeps attached to my hip and loves sleeping under the covers. My parents often take her when I’m working and they just might love her more than I do — if possible. Attached are a few pictures. Question…do all Havenese smile?

Thank you …She is really the best dog ever!! Even my dog walker is smitten — will come by just to visit and get some Lola Love.



Hi – you probably don’t remember us, but we have one of your puppies from a litter born on Dec. 27, 2001. You hadBacithree left when we can to visit you in Feb. 2002, and brought one of the boys home – we call him Baci – picture attached.

We haven’t cut Baci’s fur all these years but am considering having it done this summer – do you know anyone who knows how to properly groom a Havense?

Thanks for your advice,
Lisa 7/9/11






Hi Holly,

I wanted to send you an update on Cody (born Sept. 11) who we adopted from you in November after we lost our beloved boxer. Cody has been a joy and our 4 kids adore him. Cody’s favorite thing to do is fetch a tennis ball. He also loves the boat. Cody has graduated from puppy training and the good citizen class.

I think what we struggle with the most is house breaking him. do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks again,


Hi Holly,

Our Havanese, Barley just got groomed yesterday. Thought u might like to see how he looks these days. We got him from you right after thanksgiving. He’s doing very well.

Loves my daughter and is all housebroken.




Hi Holly,

I wanted to let you know what a great feature you have on your website that allows us to click on a photo to have it enlarged. All the pups are so adorable. Jim and I always catch each other viewing your dogs. LOL NO we can’t get another dog! We have so much fun with Missy and Mister who both have become the nicest dogs ever.

Mister still is not excited to go in the car, but it is a necessity so he tolerates it–only on MY LAP!
He throws up if we try to put him in the back with Missy.

That little black and white boy born in January–like Mister no one has taken him. If he is as sweet as Mister people are missing out on a lot of fun and love!

Keep up the great work! We can’t imagine our lives without these two “kids”!



Hi Holly

We were just looking at your puppies! Then I saw Missy lounging and couldn't resist taking her picture.

Congratulations on your successful year!! 

All the Best-

Martha & Jim  Cloran

PS. This picture was NOT staged!!

Lola and Sophie   Lola and Sophie

Steve & I just want you to know that Lola & Sofie are the love of our lives!! They are the most affectionate dogs..Want to be with us all the time. It was the best thing we did for ourselves finding you and your beautiful breed of dog. Sofie and Lola love us too!!!

Best to you,
Paula & Steve


simon_jenn1.jpg simon_jenn2.jpg


Hi Holly,

Just wanted to drop a note to say that Simon is doing well.  He is the sweetest little boy!  Few pictures attached.  Thanks, again he is great!



Patch   Patch

 Patch is the sweetest little dog. Ryan thinks of him as his “little brother”. He just loves him so much, as we all do. Potty training is going pretty well. He’s a stubborn little dog but he’s so sweet. Hope you like the pictures. As you can see from the picture, Ryan wanted Patch to come trick-or-treating with him. Everybody got a kick out of the two of them dressed as pirates. We’re having so much fun! We’re so glad we found you!!!! Tracy

Very proud! Thought you’d like to know


chester.JPG Chester.jpg


Dear Holly,

Thank you for our little lovebug. We had a party for him today.  He brings us so much joy.


Wendy, Roy, Sophia & Meredith P.


We love our Chester.  Thank you for the best dog.  (17 months old) 





Hi Holly,

Just a quick update for you on our sweet Zoe as she turns 8 months old today!  As you can see from the picture, she's the cutest puppy on the planet!!! (I'm guessing you hear that a lot from your clients!!).  :)
Anyway, she is the funniest, most adorable, most hysterical puppy - our four
kids absolutely love her, and so does everyone who meets her!!
Thank you again for such a great dog!

Deb, John,
Annie, Pete, Paul, & Lilly
& Zoe!  :)





 Hi Holly!

Just had to forward this photo of Raleigh and Rosie taking their morning nap together.I have other photos that I will forward to you, but had to send this one right off as it really captures how well Rosie had adjusted to her new family, and how equally well Raleigh is enjoying his new sister.
Rosie is doing so well.  She is sleeping through the night and is acting as if she has always been a part of our family.  Poor girl though is having teething pain from the back molars.  She is making good use of the several chew toys we bought for her, as well as a baby icepack that is shaped like a flower.  She licks it a lot and even rests her jaw on it which seems to give her relief. 
What can I say, except that we just adore her!

All the best,






Theo is a sweetheart. Keeps me laughing! And thanks again- You're a great breeder. Theo is the sweetest dog and very cute and smart. Thank you for everything. Took him for his first vet visit and he's in wonderful health- again, thank you. I have some cute pics I'll be sending. He loves his backyard and his doggie bed.

-Phyllis O.






Hi Holly,

Hope you and your family are well. Hamish and I are doing very well-I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of him on his first birthday.

Thank you and take care,

Ps he sends his love to you all.






Good afternoon Holly,

We are having a great summer with Dante – 10 months already -- whom is enjoying everything about summer, loves a scramble run on  fresh cut grass, loves the beach with my niece and nephews ( the perfect lifeguard from shore) he does enjoy a swim but it is only on his terms !!! Our Vet;  Dr. Parkus at Wolf Rock has been so amazed at the health and fitness of Dante, with his organic and holistic upbringing that she expressed is a perfect specimen of the breed.

All the best,
Glenn L.

Good afternoon Holly

Just wanted to send you a photo of Dante... he is so unbelievable, we have recommended royal flush, you and this amazing breed so often. Sending you a big holiday wish.... I think I am almost ready for a little sister for this guy...  











Hope all is well!  you are so right about boy pups being in love with you...Jake is still in his pen most of the day (b/c i have to REALLY supervise him when he's out or he'll chew everything so i usually take him out and keep a close eye on him for 20 minutes at a time), and every time i take him out, he kisses me for like a minute straight!!!!  I LOVE him!!

Amy A.

Hi Holly!

How are you?  Happy summer.  :)  so Jake is doing great.  :)  I can finally walk him, and he got his final puppy shot today (the rabies shot) so my vet told me that starting tomorrow, I can bring him to the dog park so he can really start to socialize.  I just gave him some flea/tic medicine and so he's set.  he poops outside only now which is GREAT...that wasn't my doing...it's just his instinct (except for today when he pooped on my carpet b/c I was late taking him for his walk!)  he isn't really getting that he has to pee outside...he's only peed outside twice, but each time I practically threw him a parade and showered him with love and treats, so I’m hoping he gets it soon!

Amy A.






Simba is doing awesome, never loved a dog so much.  He is now very protective
over me and the kids, we are his people, too cute.

Thanks again,




Hi Holly,

We are smitten. Henry is my joy.  I see that he is nicely paper trained. Now my challenge will be to teach him the outside! He is perfectly content with us here. What a dear Henry is! Good night for now and thank you for all the detailed info.  Richard
and I will follow all of it.
Richard & Nadine

Henry is my new tag along. You are correct Holly. What a happy fellow! Wishing you a great week-end enjoying this weather.
P.S. I love Henry more than life itself. It must warm your heart to
watch new parents of your pups so joyous. May be the best part of your

Thank you! Nadine





Hi Holly,

Just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Toby. He is such a joy to have around. We are all in love, even my husband who was a little reluctant about getting a dog. Toby is such a smart dog too. It only took one lesson for him to learn about the electronic fence and he has been very quick at getting potty trained. I just have to open the back door and he runs straight to the dog run and comes right back to the back door when he is done. My boys are so happy to have Toby too and they have really taken responsibility in helping care for him. I have included a few pictures for you to see how gorgeous he is.

Thank you again for helping bring such joy to our family.

Love, Natalie







I was just showing a friend your website and thought I would show you a
picture of Zoey.  She is doing great!!! When we got her she was 1 1/2 pounds. 
Now she over 7 pounds and a great addition to our family.

Thanks again,

Liz L.




Hi Holly,

Here is Clementine (Clemmie), just back from the groomers for a trim around the eyes. She is a happy, funny dog, and showers us with affection...we are so happy she's part of our family!


Ronna & family,





Hi Holly,

The boys are just great and an endless source of entertainment!
I hope you are spending lots of time on FL, I can't wait for spring.

Thank you,







Safe to say she's adjusting well. 😊 I put that sweater on her and within minutes she was asleep! She ate well. Pooped and pee'd (on my rug, of course!) but she's already forgiven. She even let me comb her fur. Poor thing was soaked wet from all that drool...didn't want her fur to mat. She looks like new again! :-) Thank you for making me feel at ease before I left with her. I felt so confident when I drove away.






fenwayandbrady.jpg fenwayandbrady2.jpg



Hi Holly,

We cannot believe we have had the boys for three weeks.   They have been to the vet two times and are doing well.  Fenway is five and a half pounds and Brady is two and a half.  They are keeping us very busy and Bobbie has not slept so good in years as she has since getting the pups.  They are exhausting but worth all the efforts.  We can't stop talking about them to anyone that will listen.  It is so much fun to watch them.  They are best friends and love each other. 

Thanks for bringing them into our world,
Bobbie and Dave

Fenway and Brady celebrated their first birthday. We can't imagine life without them.

David K



Hope all is well with you. We are just in love with Baxter and he is such an good little boy.  He is almost totally housebroken and doing very well with his crate.  We took him camping in our motor home to the beach over Easter and he had his own "fan club" with everyone.  He is a social butterfly!

Take care,


Hi Holly,

We picked up Nugget last Tuesday and brought in home to be a part of our family. He is perfect in everyway. I would recommend Royal Flush to anyone. I am telling everyone who stops us and asks us where we got him. Everyone cannot believe how beautiful our dog is and never realized how cute Havanese are. We may be starting a think in Boston. Nugget is a part of our family now and he has brought so much love into our already loving home. Everywhere we go with him and everyone who meets him, falls in love with him. The vet said he is in great health and his diet is perfect. Royal Havanese has done a great job socializing him. He is very smart and continues to explore and grow. Each day he brings more joy and laughter into our lives. What a perfect little pup in every way.

Jim and Fadi Boston MA


mika1.jpg mika2.jpg mika3.jpg



Daisy.jpg Daisya.jpg Daisyb.jpg

Hi Holly,

I just thought I would let you know that Daisy is doing very well, absolutely love her...

Ann Marie Jangro


Daisy and I are having so much fun together. LOVE HER!!!

Happy Holidays,

Ann Marie Jangro




Plato is a simply marvelous puppy.  He gets along with everyone: adult or child.  He is finally not as worried about big dogs.  He is doing very well in puppy school!

Thank you for a marvelous puppy,




Hi Holly,

I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know we absolutely love Bella. She is sweet and playful. She really is the perfect dog for our family. We are so pleased we found your website and purchased her

Thanks again,



Emmya.jpg Emmyb.jpg Emmyd.JPG



Emelia is settling in and fearless. She is great in the car, meeting friendly people ( who are not sick, no dogs yet),not shying away from cars on our road as they go by but aware, eating and drinking like a horse, exploring the lanai but cautious of the pool and I tell her no. We started having her sleep in her crate on the bed between us ( it's a king) and I put my arm inside for a few minutes till she settles down and then she slept till 7 am this morning. We go out a lot and she does her thing. Only a few mistakes but I rubbed some of her urine on a peeped pad and she picked that up right away! John is doing more with her so she is bonding with him too. More later.


Hi Holly,

Emelia got a partial grooming the other day and her face and paws are looking so nice. She goes to the vet tomorrow for her last shot. There are two wonderful Havanese down the street and Emmy already has a boyfriend who is 1.5yrs old. They play beautifully. She loves to do "wind sprints" around our lanai and I have had her in the pool for a few strokes near the steps and she doesn't seem to mind. She really loves the big beach towel that I dry her off with and nuzzles in it. Are you coming down to Florida for a visit?






 Hi Holly, 

I thought you might like to see how our sweet little Layla is doing.  She is such a toy!!! & has brought so much joy into our lives.  Thank you for breeding such a healthy, smart & gorgeous girl.  Layla was born on June 1st & I'm wondering at what age you think she should be spayed.  She seems so little to me still but the vet is anxious to get it done. 

                     All the best,                   

Debbye Mack

3 months



Dear Holly,

I want to say thank you for the wonderful pup! He is so happy, cute and energetic.  We all love Moose so much!

Thanks again,

Jenn Campbell




We love Oreo!  Thank you for this sweet puppy!





Hi Holly!  

I thought you might like a little update on Maple. He is doing so well we love him so much. We have been crate training him and he is now very used to and loves his crate! He has definitely begun teething and is trying to eat everything in sight! We've gotten him some good nylabones and toys that seem to help. He has learned sit, paw, lay and stay! So far he's had his second vaccination and will be getting his third next week.I attached some pictures for you to see. He has gone from 3lbs to a whopping 4.5 lol! We noticed his sisters are still for sale and it breaks my heart! I want them to find loving homes because he really is an amazing puppy and I'm sure they are the same! Hope all is well and thanks again for giving us the new love of our lives:)  

Deanna & Michael



Chico chilling in front of tree!





Hi Holly,

I hope all is well in RI! This is Gigi's owner, Cristina DeFabritiis, and I just wanted to give you an update on how she is doing. We have slowly been getting her house trained; it's not perfect yet but she's getting better! She sleeps through the night now without whining or barking, has less accidents in the house, although the Christmas Tree skirt is tempting to her, and is adjusting much better to new visitors. We just got her groomed today for the first time. I wanted to pass along a picture to you. She's growing up so fast!

Happy Holidays!

Cristina DeFabritiis



I have to share this photo with you...too cute for words!!!  Obviously, we just LOVE our Max!




Felipe.JPG Felipea.jpg


Hi Holly,

Felipe is doing great.  Thought I would send a couple pictures, one with his big brother Lucca.  Happy New Year! 



Hi Holly, Merry Christmas from Felipe and the Davis Family!

 Sincerely, Lisa D




Ollieb1.jpg Ollieb2.jpg Ollieb3.jpg Ollieb4.jpg


Hi Holly,

So far so good! Our pup (named "Oliver" or "Ollie" for short) slept through the night (in a crate in our bedroom) after his trip to Maine. He did throw up his lunch in the car, but recovered well. He's eating fine and doing VERY well with the 2 cats. Our daughter is head over heels with him and we are all smitten.

We are all very happy!



Oliver ("Ollie") turns one later this month.

He's doing very well and we adore him. He's still working on some accidents in the house at times, but otherwise very healthy and so sweet. He attached well to all members of the family including our two cats...  We took to him right away when we met him, but even so we love him more than we could have imagined. Thanks for checking in!

Jennifer B




Merry Christmas and a happy and heathy New Year!

Laura, olivia &Cocoa


Sadie_2.jpg sadie.jpeg


David and I just wanted to thank you and Danielle for all your help in successfully bringing Sadie home.  She did great on the long drive home and, as Danielle said, we had time to really bond.  She is such a sweetheart and so happy.  After the first "long night in the crate", she is now a trooper and doesn’t whine or cry.  She has had no problem eating, and once we got her home, she hasn’t missed a meal.  Of course, the housebreaking is going a little slower as expected - I think it’s really David and me being trained to take her out at the right times!!!  On Wednesday she will have her first visit to the vet for the second puppy shot and a checkup.  Here are two pictures of Sadie from this past week.




Hi Holly,

Pippa and I are getting to know each other and having so much fun! I just love


She went to the vet today and did so very well. She was a hit with all the

office staff.

I'll keep in touch.




Buster and Celia!

We love her...... she is the best and she is doing very well.




Hi Holly
Just wanted to touch base with you. Our new addition to the family has been a wonderful experience. We named our little girl Lucy Lou. She is just amazing!  Slept in her crate last night without a whimper.  I got up around 2:00 let her out and she peed went right back to sleep until 7:00. She isn't eating a whole lot but I guess that is to be expected.  I  ordered her food online. I really want to thank you for your amazing puppy. We are all in love.
Jennifer B



Hi Holly! Happy New Year to you and to Royal Flush Havanese! Lola had a wonderful holiday season! Here are just a few of the many pictures we took of her...She's the best!!
-Catherine L


Brady_3.jpgBrady.jpg Brady_2.jpgBrady_1.jpg




Holly we got home fine! He's just awesome!

Hi Holly just a quick update on the best baby ever! He's doing great! Thank you so much for making this all possible.


 Hi Holly greetings from the Cape. Brady is great and loves walking the beach. He is mostly house trained now.

 Cheryl F

Hi Holly today is Brady's first birthday! We can't begin to thank you enough for the most beautiful puppy!

Cheryl F



Holly, this is Casey that we got from you back in 2002. He is definitely the king of the house. Most lovable dog I've ever had. The bean bag he is on, is his to watch TV on. He had another one for sleeping on in the bedroom.

Fred M




 HOLLY!!!! Thank you so much for Maggie...she absolutely melts my heart. I cannot believe how sweet and adorable she is. She had an amazing first night and slept in her crate without a peep. She's as happy as can be, loving the kids so much. Annabelle is trying sooo hard to play constantly and Maggie kindly obliges. I'm going to do my best not to spoil her too much but one look into those eyes and we all just melt

Jessica W

Holly...I was trying to send just the pic of Annabelle and Maggie...our little queens!!

Jessica W


Scout1.jpg Scout2.jpg

Hi Holly. Thank you for providing us with our little Scout! He is pure joy! What a wonderful addition to our family! He's just a few days over 4 months now and we can't imagine life without him!

XO Lisa G



Our little girl Sadie is doing great! She's paper trained, knows sit, and now sleeps through the night in her crate, only getting up once to go to the bathroom! She is such a sweetheart. We are in love! Thank you!

Jennifer L



Mugsy has been with us for two weeks now and he is settling in nicely!

Lisa M



We brought Dulce home a week ago and she is adjusting great! She is training very well and is a great addition to our family

Erica T



Our little Reggie at 1 year old. Fell in love with him last May in Fort Myers Fl.

Nancy C



Bosco was neutered yesterday...Holly, I am so glad we spoke! Thank you for being there for us! He is doing great. He is a wonderful little guy! 

Gail W



Happy 1st Birthday Sophie! She is so happy, so loved and so spoiled!

Stephanie G


Daisy2.jpg Daisy3.JPG


Hi Holly,

Our sweet Daisy just turned 2 and my daughters wanted me to send you some

pictures for your website. We love her more everyday! Thank you for giving our

family a wonderful and healthy dog!

All Our Best, the DeFanti Family. :)


Everything is going better than expected :) eating is getting better each day, she loooves us all so much (and we, her!), she's gentle and so smart! Potty training is going good...no messes in her carrier, crate, or play pen yet. She's not afraid of anything. She definitely has that on/off switch thing she's simply amazing!!

️ Dusty W


Hi Holly,

 Happy Mother's Day!!!

 Oreo has brought such joy and delight into our family, she is a treasure!!

 Thank you for saving her for us.

 She is a wonderful fit.

 Jim has her eating out of his hand and delights in rubbing her belly every evening.

 The grandsons get down to her level and everyone is squealing with delight.

 Continue all the wonder that you do.

 Thank you.

 We thought our dog life was done after we lost Ebbie this winter, but you have changed that.

 Oreo has brought such happiness to us and all that visit us.

 She is going to visit Jim's work place next week, where everyone is eager to meet our little lady.

 Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

 Much love,

 Jane K


Hi Holly & Amanda,
Just wanted to give you a quick update. 
Bailey is doing fantastic! He loves his new home and family, and adores playing with our 8 year old female German Shepherd.  His potty training is going well, only 2 accidents so far and that was within the first 2 hours of us bringing him home. He is doing very well with crate training as well.
Will give you another update soon.



He is in his full, gorgeous, red sable coat. (Mopsy & Rocky).

He is a beauty.

Dante it too quick to catch.

I think of you every day and the great work you do!

Love ya!

Susan C.



Thank you for blessing us with Little Jazzy!! She is the best! She is just about 8 months and weighs 7lbs! She is such a snuggle bug and absolutely adorable!

Jenn R



Our little Audrey loving her new home with her "big sister" Betsy.

Brenda V



So everyone is tucked in and down for the night Amanda. What special sweet dogs. What a special day. Thanks for everything

Ann C

Hello holly and Amanda. Been an exciting first week at home. So glad I have them both!!   Lots of hugs and kisses from them and me

Ann C

Hello holly and Amanda. Been an exciting first week at home. So glad I have them both!!   Lots of hugs and kisses from them and me

- Ann

Oh Amanda. They are so sweet. Sal is a little tender one. Continues to get sick on car rides (poor baby) and lives to snuggle. Sandy is a confident one/ at the same time anxious to please. They have developed an extensive fan club and are very loved!!  More soon xo 


sadie.jpg sadie2.jpg

Sadie in process of napping by her food dishes.  God is she lovable.  She also loves watching TV in your lap.  Beautiful little girl we love her to pieces Holly.  Thank you again and also thank Amanda for us also, she's just super. 

Fred & Claire



TheoAhn2.jpg theo2.png theo1.jpg



Thanks for that detailed reply!  Good to know about the medication info and Theo's parents, thank you!

I think we'll ask our vet to microchip Theo since the drive to RI is over 2 hours for us. 
Here are our favorite pics of Theo!  He's such a cutie and is such a gentle puppy =)).  He doesn't really enjoy walking around too much yet (he just plops down and refuses to move when he's tired haha) so we often have to hold him.  He's also still learning to pee/poop outside - so far he's only done it on pavement rather than on grass.  What a silly dog.
Edward A


Hi Amanda –

                Thanks so much for meeting with Max and I last night!

                Pippa is such a blast already – so friendly and spunky! We are in love. She whined a bit when we put her in the crate last night but settled down after about 10 minutes!!

Stephanie F


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Hi Danielle,

 We did straighten out the owners’ registration with the AKC – an oversight on my part.  Also, since “Jesse” was already taken and we didn’t like “Jesse II”, his official registered name now is: “Just Jesse”.  Mary at AKC liked that.  Thank you for following up for us.

 Jesse is such a joy to us.  And he keeps us laughing.  Example: he’s gotten very good at bringing toys back to us at the command: “Bring it”.  A couple of days ago he started chasing his tail and I called out “bring it”.  He came skittering across the grass sideways with his tail in tow.  We laughed till we cried!

 He’s such a good cuddler and kisser too.  We wouldn’t change a thing about him.

 Hope all is well with you.






Here's Bella with her new haircut. She already got the bow out . . . !




Hi Holly,
This is Louie who we picked up on 4/15.  As you can see, he is so cute and just the life of the house.  We could not love him more, and Harry and he are the best of friends!  It was the right decision for sure.  Hoping you are well.
Sue R


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So little Bogart has been on 4 walks. He peed twice outside, pooped, and so far, no mistakes in the house.  I have a big deck, and he loves time out there, and investigates every leaf, every stick, it's all so exciting!  He took to Boggle instantly, and follows her anywhere. She likes him, mothers him a bit, and they are walking together all over my neighborhood.  He walks on his leash as if he has been on walks forever.  He's so jaunty and cheerful, and only wants to be where I am...which means separation this coming week will be terribly hard on us both. He had a nap in his crate by my bed.  I couldn't be happier - he's such a calm, grounded little fellow, utterly adorable.  I love him to pieces. Thank you, Amanda, for giving me the time to go through my process.  Of course, he picked me, right from the start...but so did the little tri-color who is adorable too. But this little face just took my heart.  Wasn't it funny, how that other little boy wanted nothing to do with me?  Someone else is his forever home, and he knew it.   He's eating like a champ, and was utterly peaceful in his crate on the way home. Right now he's sleeping on top of Boggle.  It's a pretty cute picture of bonding.  Please send his baby pictures, and I'll send you the ones I take.Thank you,RandyAbsolutely adorable photos.  Bogart seems to be housetrained already.  He loves going for walks, and he bounces along as though he's been doing this forever.    He' just met one of the cats.  BIG surprise.  He's so sweet, and friendly to everyone.  Totally open to other dogs, and any humans.  I am crazy about him, and Boggle seems to really like him too.  Lots of tail wagging, even though Bogart sprawled over her back and fell asleep.  Really cute. Thanks,RandyBogart is a perfect little man. He went to puppy playpen at Petco yesterday, with a pile of larger puppies, and chased them all over kingdom come for half an hour, curled up in my lap and slept through the rest.  He started puppy training there also, on Weds nights.  He's hiking all over, like a little champ on his leash, and so far, no accidents other than a loose stool a few days back, which came on so fast neither of us had time to get him back outside.  He doesn't love his crate, but he doesn't complain at night any more.  I love him to pieces, and my bearded collie has totally mothered him - she really likes him and she's perked up a whole lot, and is eating up a storm again.  He loves the elk horn pieces, and he chases and retrieves the little tennis ball.  He barks at himself in the plate glass also. Randy








Hi holly, here are some recent photos of Emelia/ Emmy at 10 months. Her color

has really lightened up and we adore her!

Wendy and john


Hi Holly,

 Well the sisters are happy and healthy! They continue to have three play dates a day and really couldn't be happier girls! My Hazel continues to wag her tail in circles, which is what she did in order to catch a ride with her sister! I know this may be asking a lot, I wonder if you have the write up you did when posting Hazel on the Web site. I never got a chance to read it and well...ya know, it’s kind of fun. Let me know if you could even begin to dig it out that would be great! I am sure Barbara says Hi if she knew I was emailing you. Oh, she wants to know...how many in the litter, you told her but she forgets and what was the girl/boy ratio/? Our babes were born on feb 8th to mopsey if that helps even a little bit.

 A thousand thank yous! We enjoy our girl’s every day and Hazel has 2 large dogs and her favorite, a cate she adores! Hope you are well!

Karen M




Hi Holly, I hope this email finds you well!!
The best purchase I ever made in my life was Frankie, whom I received from you 10 years ago - nearly to the day! I picked him up from your home in Rhode Island on 4th of July weekend, maybe July 6th, in 2005. He is my heart, and everyone in the family loves and adores him, and he quite literally has "rock star status" in the neighborhood.
I cannot remember who you said his mom and dad were, but I remember you saying his grandfather was Gordon, and a few years later, I remembered seeing a picture of Gordon on your website - and I think Gordon had white eyebrows, didn't he? Take a look, I attached two gorgeous pictures here of my guy Frank, with white eyebrows... not sure if it was just Gordon who had them or maybe Frank's Mom and/or Dad, too.
In any case, over the years I've always gone back to your website to see pictures of all the pups and the parents too, and was excited for you to see you've expanded your business to Florida as well ... and I've always had in the back of my mind to get Frank a sibling or two ... and so now I'm feeling like the time might be right, and I have the room and space, and fenced yard, and all that good stuff. So long story short (and yes, I do apologize for such a long email) - I'm thinking about possibly giving Frank not one but two sisters. I like the idea of them already knowing each other and so that would be good for them, and I like the idea of having girls, so that Frank can still know he is the only guy and hopefully won't feel competitive or jealous (although, honestly Holly, I've had dogs before Frank, and I can say Frank is the absolute sweetest, not a mean, nasty, jealous, or negative bone in his body - he is pure love, joy, friendliness, and cuteness).
So yes, you really changed my life 10 years ago, when I got Frank from you. :)

Thanks, Holly,



Thank you SO much for helping us choose our puppies!!! Sophie and Vito are settling in really well, and they are so good! We'll be sure to email with any questions we may have. 






Thanks for the message.  Dezi is doing great.  We love him so much :)  His sister, Sophie, seems glad that he joined us.  She gets a little annoyed with him like most big sisters do, but they have so much fun playing!

Thanks for checking in!







Hi Holly and Amanda! How are you? Hope you are doing amazing!!!

 I haven't been so good at keeping you updated on Toby :) 

We just came back from Boston to Mexico and Toby is doing great!

So here I go:


- Toby cheers the Red Sox whooohoo!

- He loves to organize his things all over the bedroom

- We play hide n' seek and his forever-hiding-spot is under the bed

- He has many plush toys, sleeps with all of them and loves every single one of them

- He loves to lay on my lap 

Have a nice day!


Daniela V 

P.D I'll send you some videos in another email!







Today is actually Zoey's 10 month birthday!  We are absolutely in love with her and she is in love with us!  We truly believe that she is the best pup in the world!  She is lovable and sweet and quite smart!  I have attached some photos.  We get so many compliments on her! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out!

 Thank you for checking in with us!






Love him!

Michelle T

Vet said Scooby is very healthy!

Thank you,
Michelle T




Hi holly and staff....just wanted to let you know that Dalila is adjusting beautifully!!  She is a complete love bug who we just can’t get enough of.  Nobody wants to go to school or work today....we just want to be home with her!  

 Thank you, thank you!!

The Mcclay family




Good afternoon Amanda!

 Just an update on Cody who today is 3 months old.  He is now 6 lbs. and has adjusted very well-sleeps 9 hours through the night.  Cody is about 75% house trained, but still has to be watched for those occasional lapses in judgement.  We know you thought he was going to be about "medium" as to activity level, but that estimate was just a little off.  He is a "very" high energy dog.  The minute he sees anyone with two legs, he grabs a toy and wants to play.  He goes off the wall , extra playful with our daughter Ashley.  You get tired before he does.

 Thank you for the excellent job you did in imprinting a love for humans and providing a happy, well breed dog. 

 Please give our regards to Holly.  Hoping you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!

 Best regards,

Charlie and Nora





Hi Holly,

Today is Rachel Leah's first birthday.  We love her sooo much.  I'll admit the first couple of months were extremely rough since we had no idea how to take care of a puppy and how much work it would be.  But it was all worth it.  She is still rambunctious and wants to be by my side all the time but day care and walks give her the socialization she needs.   She is learning tricks and has a good vocabulary.  So glad we got her.  Thank You so much.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Barbara G

Boca Raton, Florida



I thought that you would like to hear a check up on your puppy.

I've been meaning to contact you for a while now. We have started a beautiful thing with your puppy and her name is sadie. She has been the best part of the family and I can't even tell you how amazing she is. We also got a kitten and they actually love each other!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and really starting our family.




Hi Holly,

Hope all is well!  Our little Nisu has turned out to be an amazing little pup!  We love the daylights out of her and she has added great spice to our life.  So smart!  👍🏼👍🏼

here’s a pic of our little monkey....


Jeremy n Laurie K



Hi Holly,

This is our Charlie.  She is so smart and sweet.  We are loving her and are having so much fun training her.

 Happy and Healthy New Year.

Judy and Les B










Hi Holly, Merry Christmas from one of your baby boys now nearly three years old and sweeter everyday. We couldn’t be happier with your Harry. He is well known around town and when people ask I always tell them about Royal Flush.

 Happy New Year,

Paul, Marilou and Harry of Mattapoisett, MA



Baxter Blue Sewell with big sister Bailey Boo Mango Sewell...they've grown to be SUPER close and inseparable!!!  He's given her newly-sparked energy!!!He is SUCH a sweet, beautiful boy!!!!!!'

Happy Holidays!

Dorothy S



Hi Amanda...just want to say thanks for all our help this week selecting a puppy. Once we all saw the pups, the family decided that the gold male born 11/15 was the best fit for us. We named him Champ and he's adjusting great so far....eating, napping, and even eliminating where we want him too!!!  The information you provide in your blog is invaluable, and although still early on, the information is definitely helping to make this transition easier for all of us. 
I'm sure we'll have many questions along the way and feel great knowing the Royal Flush team is always available to help!

Susan L





We have now had Beau for 3 weeks. He has more than doubled in size !! He is almost sleeping through the night, just one bathroom break, and not every night. We love him and have a puppy trainer coming once a week to help us.     

We will keep you updated.


Bruce R







Hey Holly,

I just wanted to let you know that Loki is settling into his new home very well! He is a big hit with my friends and family, is a wonderful cuddle buddy, tries his best to use his wee wee pads and learn new tricks, and has the sweetest personality. We are very happy together :-)

All the best

Mona H





Holly, this is Pam’s(Larry) husband. What a treat that little Larry is!  We are enjoying him and having a good time and I think he is enjoying us as well. He is in good hands.  

Larry & Pam B





I hope all is well. We love Bellini so much!!'

I took Bellini to the vet today. She is 4.2 pounds. The vet said she is a winner.

We are home. The kids are in heaven! I am too! Bellini is calm. She ate and made peepee.

Jennifer M



babe_a.jpg babe_b.jpg

Some pix of our handsome little boy 💙🐾. We love him to pieces !!!! He brings joy to all 🌞I call him my shadow, cause he's right behind me. I, absolutely love him to the Moon & Back😘